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US, NATO avoids paramount security concerns of Russia: Prez Putin

NewsUS, NATO avoids paramount security concerns of Russia: Prez Putin

On Tuesday, February 1, 2022, President of Russia Vladimir Putin have asserted that the United States and NATO have bluntly overlooked Moscow’s core demands such as non-expansion of Ukraine in NATO, security guarantee across their borders and many more. In the press conference, the Prime Minister stated that after he talked with Prime Minister Hungarian, Viktor Orban.

While addressing the press conference, the Russian President underlined,” The country is thoroughly analyzing the written responses submitted by the United States and NATO on January 26, 2022, in the wake of providing solutions. But, the fundamental demand of Russia have been ignored by US and its allies bluntly, and we are informing this Mr Prime Minister”.


While emphasizing the ignorance of demands, PM highlighted,” Moscow had not to get the satisfactory response from the United States and NATO on their core three demand, which includes, the prevention of expansion of NATO, non-deployment of strike weapons systems across the borders of Russia and also the returned of the military infrastructure of NATO in Europe to the position existing in 1997. Moreover, at that time, Russia and NATO have signed Founding Act.

President further explained that they both had discussed the proposal in which Russia would be given long-term legal guarantees of security from the West in the meeting.

He also asserted that the US and NATO are ignoring the significant concerns of Russia and now refers to the rights of the country to choose the path which would ensure their security freely. But, how the US and NATO are performing is something that would provide the freedom of any country to ensure their safety, as per President Putin.

“The second part is no one have the right to ensure the safety of the country at the expense of the security of the other nations”, asserted President.

Apart from this, Putin reiterated that both the counterparts had discussed the relations between Russia and the European Union, and further gratitude,” I believe that this discussion would further lead to strengthening ties between Russian-Hungarian partnership”.



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