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Netflix might be suspended in Russia for violating law

The Vedomosti newspaper reported that Russia is investigating Netflix (NFLX.O)after its public commissioner for the protection of families accused the broadcasting company of violating Russian law on “gay propaganda”. Commissioner Olga Baranets complained to the Interior Ministry that Netflix infringed a 2013 law that prevents the dissemination of “propaganda about non-traditional sexual relations” amongst Russians […]

Climate Energy

Solar PV installations are expected to increase by 20% in 2022 as the market overcomes high production costs

In 2022, significant solar markets like Europe, China, India, and the United States will see an increase in installations worth $170 billion, with the distributed solar industry, led by China, seeing the most growth. While the cost of PV systems fell by half on average from the year 2013 to the year 2020, prices have risen by 4% this […]

Climate Energy

The Pinellas County Commission is considering committing a future powered entirely by renewable energy

With legislative efforts in Tallahassee to convert Florida to renewable power in the coming decades failing, some local governments around the state have set their targets in recent years. The city of St. Petersburg was the very first in the Tampa Bay area to pledge to a cleaner future, followed by four additional cities. November 9, the […]


The adorable Pop Keys keyboard from Logitech is annoyingly form over function!

The $99.99 Pop Keys, together with the $39.99 Pop Mouse and $19.99 Logitech Desk Mat, are part of Logitech’s new Studio Series of attractive computer peripherals. The keyboard seems to be an effort to combine Logitech’s usual robust functionality, such as multi-year battery life and easy cross-device interoperability, with a cutesy TikTok-friendly aesthetic and novelties […]

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The United States has enormous new plans to remove CO2 from the atmosphere!

Despite delegates’ efforts at this month’s climate summit in Glasgow, the world is on a collision course with potentially catastrophic levels of global warming. Some countries and corporations are now relying on innovative technology to remove carbon from the atmosphere. With the announcement of a new “Carbon Negative Shot” effort, the US Department of Energy […]


When does a tooth become a tusk? It’s a pretty intricate puzzle!

To better understand how tusks developed, researchers collected broken parts of suspected tusks or teeth from dicynodonts, or highly early animals, held at several institutions in Africa and the United States. The stars of a paleontological dig are usually entire skeletons and petrified remains, but fragmented relics can reveal vital information about ancient species as […]