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Ukraine’s Energy crisis escalates amid Russian attacks and harsh winter conditions

Once an electricity exporter, Ukraine has been forced to resort to emergency electricity imports from neighbouring Romania and Poland this week to meet the surging demand, as revealed by Ukraine's power grid operator, Ukrenergo

International aid to Ukraine plummets amid political tensions and growing uncertainty

The report comes against the backdrop of mounting uncertainty surrounding further US aid to Ukraine and a delay in the European Union's approval of a $50 billion aid package for Kyiv, facing opposition from Hungary and Slovakia

Teenage girl in Bryansk school shoots classmate before turning gun on herself

The gun used in the tragic incident was reportedly registered in the girl's father's name, as revealed by a parliamentarian

Ukraine troops kill DPR serviceman in sniper fire at Donbas contact line

WorldEuropeUkraine troops kill DPR serviceman in sniper fire at Donbas contact line

On Sunday, February 7, 2022, a shocking incident took place at the Ukrainian border in which a serviceman of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) was suddenly shot in the sniper fire held at the contact line in Donbas. Russia’s DPR servicemen have been killed by the Ukraine troop at the contact line of Donbas.

The DPR’s defence ministry has provided the information and mentioned that the serviceman was shot to death in the sniper fire conducted by the troops of Ukraine at the border of the contact line in Donbas.


As per the reports of the ministry, both the positions of Ukraine near the settlement of Verkhnetoretskoye based in northern Ukraine and the positions of the DPR’s near Verkhnetotetskoye based in the southern have conducted the sniper firs at the borders of Ukraine and in one of the positions the incident of the shooting happened.

The borders of Donabass have gone through a ceasefire since July 27, 2020, and the situation had undergone tension at the borders, and it becomes deteriorated dramatically on January 9, 2022, when the troops of Ukraine have resumed the shelling along the entire contact line after the lengthy ceasefire has conducted. Since July 27, 2020, the ceasefire has been conducted along the contact line; various additional measures have also been used to control the ceasefire in Donbas.

On July 21, 2019, the parties declared the indefinite ceasefire along the borders, and the agreement regarding it came after the one-year pf the indefinite ceasefire. After the ceasefire, troops have conducted more than 20 futile attempts to stop all the hostilities at the borders.

The parties have agreed to stage the banned on the offensive and reconnaissance which could lead the conflict, which further includes the use of any type of drone, opening fire, and also snipper weapons and deploying heavy weapons in the localities which are popular for the emerging conflicts, mentioned in the agreement. The key provision of the issue is to use disciplinary measures for the violations of the ceasefire.


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