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Russian Court Orders Seizure of Deutsche Bank and UniCredit Assets Amid Exit from Russia

Court documents dated May 16 reveal that the St. Petersburg court ordered the confiscation of assets amounting to 239 million euros ($260 million) from Deutsche Bank and 463 million euros ($504 million) from Italy's UniCredit

PM Roosevelt Skerrit welcome students of Bellevue Chopin Primary School

Roseau, Dominica: The students of Bellevue Chopin...

Ukrainian Drone Attacks on Russia Kill 2, Ignite Oil Refinery Blaze

This marks Kyiv's largest aerial assault in recent weeks and coincides with Russian advancements along the northeastern Ukrainian front line

Ukraine deploys tanks 15 kilometres away from its position, DPR reports

NewsUkraine deploys tanks 15 kilometres away from its position, DPR reports

The People’s Militia of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) has informed that they witnessed some movements from Ukraine. It has been reported that Ukraine has deployed tanks 15 kilometres from their particular position amid the growing tension between the countries. Amid the unrest between Russia and Ukraine, both countries have witnessed the movements from each other and created more conflicts between the countries.

On Wednesday, February 9, 2022, the Deputy Chief of DPR Militia Eduard Basurin have exclaimed that they have witnessed movements from Ukraine as it has increased their tanks 15 kilometres from its positions.


While explaining the situation across the borders of the countries, Deputy Chief Basurin cited,” The current situation is not good across the line of contact and the there is a chance the matter would get tenser in the coming days due to the certain kind of movements from both the countries. We have witnessed some offensive things have happened around it as they are continually preparing something”.

He further noted that the People’s Militia’s intelligence had reported the movement of Ukraine tanks, and they have increased the distance of the deployment of the tanks 15 kilometres from the particular position in the Donetsk areas.

As per the Deputy Chief of People’s Militia (DPR), the country has redol[pyed the 53rd Mechanised Brigade of the Armed forces of the country and increased the distance of the tank company near the Novostritskoye settlement. Moreover, they have also recorded two more tank platoons near the Avdeyevka settlement.

” The situation is exactly the same as it is in the Horlivka area. They have deployed the tank company across which is the 95th Air Assault Brigade, and it has also witnessed across the Western outskirts of the Novgorodskoye settlement, as per the deputy chief of DPR.

He further stressed that Ukraine has been using electronic warfare in these areas actively, which have additionally barred the OSCE observers from conducting aerial monitoring. They have also been able to use drones to record the deployment of the banned heavy weapons by the military of Ukraine.



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