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6.0 Magnitude Earthquake Jolts Ogasawara Islands, No Tsunami Threat

The 6.0 magnitude quake struck near the Ogasawara Islands at 9:39 a.m. local time, at a depth of 50 kilometers. It registered a 4 on Japan’s seismic intensity scale of 7 on Hahajima Island, according to the JMA

Russia Captures Strategic Ukrainian Village Bilogorivka Amid Intensified Offensive in Luhansk

The Russian Defense Ministry declared that "units of the Southern grouping of troops completely liberated the settlement of Bilogorivka" following intensive combat operations

UWP trying to threaten progress of Dominica

Roseau, Dominica: The former leader of the...

Russian Military Calls Up High Number of Reservists Amid Speculation of Ukraine Offensive

WorldRussiaRussian Military Calls Up High Number of Reservists Amid Speculation of Ukraine Offensive

The Russian military has initiated a significant call-up of reservists for its annual training exercises, particularly in the Moscow region.

Sources from various companies in the area revealed to The Moscow Times that military commissariats have been actively demanding detailed information on eligible male employees for reserve duty.


These letters, dispatched to a plethora of enterprises across the Moscow region, have stirred concerns among business leaders regarding potential disruptions to operations.

The demand for comprehensive employee data, including personal details and military eligibility criteria, has fueled speculations about the motives behind this sudden surge in reservist mobilization.

A senior manager at an industrial enterprise in the northwestern part of the Moscow region, speaking anonymously, disclosed to The Moscow Times the implications of the call-up on their operations.

“More than 20% of our workforce, comprising 1,000 individuals, could be drawn into military duty, severely affecting our production capabilities,” the manager lamented. Similar sentiments echoed from representatives of other across the western and northern regions of Moscow.

The timing of these mobilization efforts, coming amidst escalating tensions in Eastern Europe, has prompted experts to ponder on the underlying motives.

While some speculate it could be a response to lagging volunteer recruitment, others view it as a potential precursor to a major offensive in Ukraine.


A source close to the Defense Ministry, speaking on condition of anonymity, hinted at the possibility of higher-than-normal quotas for reservist training camps in various Russian regions.

These annual exercises typically involve retraining in military occupational specialities and serve as a system check for the General Staff’s organizational and mobilization department.

However, the scale and urgency of the current call-up suggest a departure from routine practices, sparking concerns both domestically and internationally.

With tensions already heightened in the region due to ongoing geopolitical dynamics, any significant military manoeuvre by Russia is bound to reverberate across the global stage.

The implications of this mobilization extend beyond military strategy, delving into economic ramifications for businesses already grappling with uncertainties amid geopolitical turbulence.

The potential disruption to supply chains and production schedules underscores the interconnectedness between military actions and civilian livelihoods.


While the Russian government has remained tight-lipped about the motives behind this unprecedented mobilization, the ripple effects are being felt across various sectors.

As companies brace themselves for the temporary loss of manpower, questions linger about the broader geopolitical calculus at play.

The Kremlin’s silence on the matter only fuels speculations and heightens anxieties both within and outside Russia.

Against the backdrop of mounting tensions and geopolitical manoeuvring, the call-up of reservists serves as a stark reminder of the fragility of peace in the region.

As the world watches with bated breath, the coming weeks will undoubtedly provide clarity on the true intentions behind Russia’s unprecedented mobilization of its reserve forces.

Until then, businesses in the Moscow region and beyond remain on edge, navigating the uncertainties of an increasingly uncertain geopolitical landscape.


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