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FSB Claims Ukrainian Special Forces Trained by British Commandos in Failed Landing Attempt

WorldRussiaFSB Claims Ukrainian Special Forces Trained by British Commandos in Failed Landing Attempt

In a recent development in the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine, the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) reported on Thursday that it had successfully thwarted an attempted landing in southern Ukraine’s partially occupied Kherson region.

The operation, allegedly carried out by Ukrainian special forces, was said to have received training from British commandos.


A video released by the Russian Defense Ministry’s broadcaster, Zvezda, purportedly shows a Ukrainian special forces landing boat being targeted with an explosive dropped from the air.

The footage then transitions to still images depicting bloodied bodies within the boat and a cache of weapons strewn across the ground.

According to the FSB’s statement, the Ukrainian armed forces’ landing force was eliminated during the clashes.

Additionally, a Ukrainian serviceman identified as 38-year-old “senior soldier” Yevhen Horyn was captured following the thwarted landing attempt.

In a video shared by Zvezda, Horyn allegedly provided a detailed account of receiving training in the United Kingdom for a “special task,” as well as recent preparations to land at the Kherson region’s Tendra Spit under the supervision of British special services. However, it remains unclear whether his testimony was given under duress.

“The prisoner of war provided detailed information about undergoing sabotage training at a British military camp,” the FSB stated.


Furthermore, they claimed that Horyn, a participant in the attempted landing, implicated the British Special Boat Service in planning actions against Russian security and training direct perpetrators within the United Kingdom.

As of the time of reporting, neither the Ukrainian nor the British governments have issued official statements regarding the FSB’s claims.

Russia, which initiated military action in Ukraine in February 2022, has consistently accused the West of directly supporting Kyiv’s efforts in the conflict.

This recent incident comes on the heels of a similar event in late February, where Ukrainian special forces reported casualties during what they described as a “special” combat mission against Russia.

At that time, Russia’s Defense Ministry asserted that it had neutralized up to 25 Ukrainian commandos attempting to land on the Tendra Spit sandbar in the Black Sea.

The allegations made by the FSB underscore the complexity and intensification of the conflict in Ukraine, with accusations of foreign involvement and clandestine operations further complicating diplomatic efforts to resolve the crisis.


The situation continues to evolve rapidly, and the international community remains vigilant as tensions persist in the region.

Efforts to de-escalate the conflict and facilitate dialogue between the involved parties remain paramount to achieving lasting peace in Ukraine and the broader European region.


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