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6.0 Magnitude Earthquake Jolts Ogasawara Islands, No Tsunami Threat

The 6.0 magnitude quake struck near the Ogasawara Islands at 9:39 a.m. local time, at a depth of 50 kilometers. It registered a 4 on Japan’s seismic intensity scale of 7 on Hahajima Island, according to the JMA

Russia Captures Strategic Ukrainian Village Bilogorivka Amid Intensified Offensive in Luhansk

The Russian Defense Ministry declared that "units of the Southern grouping of troops completely liberated the settlement of Bilogorivka" following intensive combat operations

UWP trying to threaten progress of Dominica

Roseau, Dominica: The former leader of the...

Russian Strikes Decimate Largest Thermal Power Plant in Kyiv Region

WorldRussiaRussian Strikes Decimate Largest Thermal Power Plant in Kyiv Region

Russian strikes have left swathes of Ukrainian energy infrastructure Trypilska in ruins, plunging the nation into a deepening energy crisis.

The devastation wrought by the strikes, which targeted key power plants, including the Trypillya facility near Kyiv, has crippled electricity generation and threatens to exacerbate already dire conditions in the war-torn country.


The Trypillya power plant, the largest electricity provider for three regions, including Kyiv, bore the brunt of the assault.

Centrenergo, the energy company overseeing the plant, reported that the strikes obliterated vital components, including transformers, turbines, and generators, rendering the facility completely inoperable.

Centrenergo chairman Andriy Hota described the scale of destruction as “terrifying,” underscoring the gravity of the situation.

Thursday’s onslaught, which saw more than 80 missiles and drones raining down on targets across Ukraine, underscored Russia’s concerted efforts to cripple Ukraine’s energy system deliberately.

Despite Ukrainian air defences’ valiant efforts, nearly a third of the missiles penetrated their defences, inflicting devastating damage on critical infrastructure.

The destruction of the Trypillya plant represents a significant blow to Ukraine’s energy security. Centrenergo confirmed that its entire generative capacity in Ukraine had been decimated, and the facility was out of commission.


This loss compounds the challenges facing an already beleaguered nation, which has been grappling with repeated assaults on its energy infrastructure.

The repercussions of these strikes extend far beyond the immediate loss of power generation. With winter looming on the horizon, the destruction of vital power plants threatens to exacerbate the humanitarian crisis gripping Ukraine.

While efforts to rebuild the Trypillya plant are underway, Centrenergo’s chairman emphasized the urgent need for robust air defences to safeguard against future attacks.

The assault on Ukrainian power plants is part of a broader strategy by Russia to exert control and destabilize the region. President Vladimir Putin justified the strikes as a response to alleged attacks on Russian energy sites by Ukrainian forces.

However, critics argue that Russia’s actions constitute a flagrant violation of international law and humanitarian norms.

The devastating impact of the strikes was felt not only in the loss of critical infrastructure but also in the loss of civilian lives. In a separate incident, four people were killed and several others injured in daytime strikes in the southern city of Mykolaiv.


The indiscriminate nature of these attacks underscores the toll exacted on innocent civilians caught in the crossfire of conflict.

As Ukraine reels from the aftermath of these devastating strikes, international condemnation has been swift. Leaders from around the world have denounced Russia’s actions and called for an immediate cessation of hostilities.

The United Nations has called for urgent humanitarian assistance to alleviate the suffering of the Ukrainian people and address the growing crisis.

As the conflict intensifies and the humanitarian situation deteriorates, the need for a peaceful resolution grows ever more urgent.

The international community must redouble its efforts to broker a ceasefire and facilitate dialogue between the warring parties. Failure to do so risks further escalation and untold suffering for the people of Ukraine.


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