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Beijing Olympic: ROC won over China in Round Robin Game by 7-4

NewsBeijing Olympic: ROC won over China in Round Robin Game by 7-4

In the Winter Olympics Games 2022, held in the Chinese capital Beijing and the Russian athletes in the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC) is playing efficiently. In another victory, the curling athletes of Russia have won over Team China in the Round Robin competition at the Winer Olympics Games 2022 in Beijing on Thursday, February 10, 2022.

The name of the players who have played in the Round Robin competition from the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC) was Sergey Glukhov ( played as a skipper), Yevgeny Klimov, Dmitry Mironov, Anton Kalalb and Daniil Goryachev ( as a substitute). A total of five players teams in the Olympic Games in Beijing have defeated the host China in the Round Robin Game.


The Russian Olympic Committee (ROC) has secured the victory with the final score of 7-4 in the Round Robin competition at the Witner Olympic Games 2022 in China.

Earlier, the team was defeated by the United States in the opening of the Round Robin games in the week. The United States has defeated the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC) have defeated with a final score of 5-6.

In the upcoming matches, the Russian team of the Round Robin Competition will be competing with Switzerland on February 11, 2022, Saturday.

Since the Winter Olympics Games have started in the Chinese capital called Beijing, the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC) team have secured the 9th position in the overall medal standings of the games.

So far, the teams have won eleven medals in the Olympic Games held in Beijing the two were the gold medals, three were the silver, and the remaining six were the bronze medal.

On the other hand, the team belonging to Norway have secured the top position in the medal standings as they have gained five golds, three silver and four bronze medal in the Winer Olympics 2022 held in Beijing.


At the same time, the teams belonging to host China have stood at the 2nd position by securing five gold three silver medals, while Australia is at the 3rd place in the overall medal standings at the Winter Olympics Games 2022 held in Beijing four securing four medals each in gold, silver and bronze so far.

The Winter Olympics 2022, held in Beijing starting from February 4, and it will result on February 20, 2022.

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