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SBU nabs another Russian collaborator in Kherson

The security service of Ukraine has arrested another collaborator in stabilization measures in liberated part of Kherson.

SBU neutralizes actions of 7 more Russian agitators for spreading pro-Kremlin content over social networks

The Security Service neutralized the information-subversive activities of 7 more Russia agitators who were spreading pro-Kremlin content over the social networks.

PM Drew visits JNF Hospital, meets Emergency Medical Technicians

The Prime Minister of St Kitts and Nevis, Dr Terrance Drew, on Friday paid a visit at the JNF Hospital. During the visit, PM Drew held meeting with Emergency Medical Technicians who have stepped onto their second phase of the EMS training course earlier this week.

2022 proves iconic year for Russia, Kazakhstan relations: Tokayev

News2022 proves iconic year for Russia, Kazakhstan relations: Tokayev

A diplomatic talk has been held between President of Russia Vladimir Putin and President of Kazakh Kassym-Jomart Tokayev through the joint conference in the capital of Russia called Moscow. In the meeting, both the leaders have agreed to the various concerns related to the economy and strategic partnership and the development phases of the countries.

While addressing the joint conference, the President of Kazakhstan Tokayev described that the talks with Russian President Putin were exciting and intense.


President of Kazakh expressed his feeling while talking with his Russian counterpart Putin and cited,” I feel happy to meet with my counterpart Russian President Vladimir Putin, and this is the heartiest gratitude to him for inviting me to Moscow with an official visit. In the lengthy talks between us, we both the leaders have agreed upon various agreements which the respected Vladimir Putin have just informed you about”.

He further stressed,” The talks with the Putin were very intense and exciting even, and with the exciting opportunity I want to draw my satisfaction upon the procedure of the discussions between us”.

By recognising the years as an iconic year for Russia and Kazakhstan, President Tokoyov noted that both countries had celebrated the 30th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Russia and Kazakhstan. In the period of 30 years, both the countries have built very cordial relations, which is truly based on interstate cooperation. Moreover, the relationship between the countries has been based on the friendship, trust, common history and mental closeness of the citizens of the countries, as per Kazakhstan President Tokayev.

President of Kazakh further underlined that he is very thankful for Russian President Putin for the intensive political dialogue, and the countries have achieved impressive success in almost every phase of the development.

He further mentioned,” The borders of the countries is the longest in the world, which presents a shining example of truly exemplary and relatable cooperation and bilateral ties to the entire international community”.

Further, Russian President Vladimir Putin also asserted that Russia would support Kazakhstan in every sector of the development and made stronger bilateral ties between the countries.



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