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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Minister Konris Maynard expresses vision for sustainable future of St Kitts and Nevis    

The Minister of Energy, Konris Maynard, during the recent energy conference, expressed his vision for the sustainable future of the island nation.

Mariana Budanova, wife of Ukrainian military intelligence chief poisoned in targeted attack

The incident, characterized by the use of heavy metals not commonly found in everyday life or military operations, has sparked concerns of a targeted attempt on her life

PM Terrance Drew launches Kidney Transplant Program  

The Prime Minister of St Kitts and Nevis officially launched the Kidney Transplant Program on Friday, 24th November, 2023. The launch was conducted during a special edition of Health Wise on ZIZ Radio and Television.

Around 50,300 of refugees have taken entry into Germany from Ukraine: Interior Ministry

WorldRussiaAround 50,300 of refugees have taken entry into Germany from Ukraine: Interior Ministry

In Germany, the Interior Ministry has made an announcement that around 50,300 of the refugees have arrived in the nation. However, some of the cities still have the maximum number of arrivals, including Berlin, people have reached with the help of the trains from Poland.

There are 15 of the federal states that are being able to take in Ukrainian refugees. The majority of the arrivals remain in some of the areas, as the redistribution measures within the nation are voluntary.


Previously, the Governing Mayor of Berlin named, Franziska Giffey has, urged the authorities for capital that those 11,000 refugees had arrived in the capital on a single day.

She mentioned the accommodation as a “national task”.

As per the details provided by the ministry’s spokesperson, the problem is that any measures pointed at redistributing refugees to the other German cities can not be applied provided that the residents of Ukraine can enter the European Union without the visa and can travel freely within the 27-nation-bloc.

The spokesperson mentioned, “We know that a maximum number of the individuals want to travel where they already have family and friends.”

The UN High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) has introduced the Regional Refugee Response Plan (RRP), which is an initiative that has the objective to help the accommodation of refugees in the European Union, particularly the nearby nations of Ukraine, which count the highest number of arrivals.

RRP has made a decision to assist around 2.4 million refugees in the EU, which is a figure that has been predicted to reach a maximum of four million by the month of July.


Along with this, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees named Filippo Grandi highlighted, “Despite the extraordinary pace and challenges, the response from governments and local communities in receiving these one million refugees has been remarkable. UNHCR staff have already moved in throughout the region and are scaling up our protection and assistance programmes for refugees, in support of host governments.”

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