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Zelenskyy thanks Ukrainian railways staff for playing key role in evacuation during war

WorldRussiaZelenskyy thanks Ukrainian railways staff for playing key role in evacuation during war

The government of Ukraine has celebrated the professional day of Ukrainian ‘Iron People.’ The details about which has been shared by the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, via his official social media handle.

While mentioning to which, President Zelenskyy, said that, “Today we celebrate the professional day of our iron people. Our railway is much more than just transport. This is a guarantee that our people, the Ukrainian economy and our state will not be separated from the European countries that help us.”


“Our railway is a guarantee that the regions of Ukraine, cities and villages in different parts of the country, even under the shelling of Russian terrorists, are united in one space of life with the necessary goods and services,” shares Ukrainian President.

Along with this, he has also mentioned about the key role that the Ukrainian railways played during the ongoing war between the Russian and Ukrainian armies. Considering which, President Zelenskyy, added that, “Ukrainian railways helped evacuate 4 million people from combat areas. Only since the beginning of this year, they have been able to transport over 120 million tons of trucks. Since the beginning of the full-scale war, our railroad workers have been able to build vital new routes that Ukraine needed for decades. These are the routes with Poland, Romania and Moldova.”

At the same time, he also mentioned that, “over million of people are currently fighting and are working to preserve our free way of life and Ukraine- Ukraine as an organic part of Europe, our common great home.”

Moreover, while thanking the staff members, President Zelenskyy, said that, “Thank you to all the employees of our railway! These are 220,000 people who, despite any dangers, work so that the state, our society, and our economy can work. Happy Workers’ Day of our railway! And I thank everyone whose work adds strength to Ukraine.”

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