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World tourism remains 4% in 2021, won’t return to pre-COVID levels until 2024: UN

NewsWorld tourism remains 4% in 2021, won't return to pre-COVID levels until 2024: UN

While emphasizing that 2021 was a challenging year amid the COVID-19 pandemic and its new emerging strains, the UN’s World Tourism Organisation asserted that the tourism sector across the world is not likely to return to the pre-pandemic phase until 2024.

On Tuesday, January 19, 2022, the UNWTO issued a report on global tourism and said that as compared to 2020, there was a four percent rise in tourism arrival in 2021. Although, the foreign tourist arrivals were still 72 percent lower than before the COVID-19 year of 2019.


As per the UNWTO Panel of Experts, in 2022, the tourism sector might witness recovery 2022. On the other hand, it is expected that there could be a comeback in the tourism arrival around 58 percent in 2022. Moreover, it may come at 42 percent in the third quarter of 2023.

Further, the international arrivals could recover from the pandemic and reach the level of pre-COVID-19 in 2024, or the period could be increased, as per some experts.

As per the report, in both the third and fourth quarters of 2021, international arrivals fell by 62 percent compared to the pre-COVID-19 pandemic levels. Moreover, alone in December, the tourism sector has witnessed a 65 percent fall.

Moreover, the UNWTO World Tourism Barometer reported that in 2022 the vaccination drive should be ramped up and, along with some restrictions, could lead the better cross-border cooperation and rules.

Due to the vaccination rates, emerging strains and traveller confidence will lead to the slow and uneven recovery of tourism, as per UNWTO press release.


Further, In Europe and the Americas, in 2020 the tourism sector rose to 19 percent, and in Middle East, the arrivals declined by 24 percent in 2021. Moreover, in the Asia-Pacific region, the rate was 65 percent and it comes down 94 percent than in the pre-pandemic level.

The agency have predicted the rise of 30 to 78 percent in international arrivals but remained far below 2019 levels.

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