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American Ex-Combatant with Pro-Russian Separatists Killed in Donetsk

Margarita Simonyan, the prominent figurehead of the pro-Kremlin RT network, confirmed Bentley's death via social media, lamenting the loss of a fighter who she claimed had dedicated himself to the cause of the separatists

Russian Hypersonic Scientist Sentenced to Seven Years for State Treason

Kuranov was accused of collaborating with foreigners and sharing classified scientific knowledge. The closed trial, due to sensitive evidence, sparked criticism over transparency and due process, raising concerns about fair treatment

UN to probe alleged killings of civilians in Central African Republic

NewsUN to probe alleged killings of civilians in Central African Republic

United Nations (UN) is probing the matter in which dozens of people have been allegedly murdered in the Central African Republic (CAR) last week. It was reportedly mentioned by the UN On Friday, January 21, 2022, that the CAR forces and mercenaries of the Russian private military company called Wagner were behind the killings.

In the operation of 16-17 January 2022, at the town of Bria, more than 30 civilians were killed; out of them were died by stray bullets. As per the UN officials, the operation was held to target the Union for Peace rebel group.


While stating about the incident, UN spokesman Stephane Dujarric asserted that the report of the incident had been received by the mission of United Nations known as MINUSCA, and further the incident was also included CAR forces and other security personnel.

Dujarric mentioned, “ We are not sure about the exact number of casualties and displacement, and our teams are finding and confirming the entire incident by investigation”.

UN spokesman further informed that the human rights team had been deployed by the MINUSCA with the security personnel at the incident spot. This is done to get adequate information and continue to assess the situation so that they can ensure the mandatory measures are taken to save the civilians.

Moreover, the military sources in the country asserted that the fighting could not be stopped and be still ongoing.

As per some reports, this is recording that the Central African forces and the Russians are committing a massacre.

Albert Yaloke Mokpeme, a spokesman for the CAR presidency, asserted that they had not any idea and were totally unaware of the attack.

Russia, though, has also denied the criticism and asserted that at the time, the group was involved as instructors to the CAR military forces.

Moreover, Moscow has claimed that they have 1,135 unarmed trainers in the country; however, France and the United Nations that the paramilitaries were from the Wagner group.

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