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Ukrainian forces gains a foothold on left bank of Dnieper

WorldRussiaUkrainian forces gains a foothold on left bank of Dnieper

Ukrainian officials have officially confirmed that their forces have successfully secured positions on the left bank of the Dnieper River in southern Ukraine within the past 24 hours.

This revelation follows weeks of unofficial reports and mixed signals regarding Ukrainian advances in Russian-controlled areas of the Kherson region since the invasion on February 24 last year.

For the past year, Russia has maintained control over the left bank of the Dnieper after withdrawing from the right bank. The breakthrough by Ukrainian forces was previously reported only through unofficial channels, leaving the international community in anticipation and uncertainty.

Details of the recent military operations remain scarce, with conflicting reports emerging about the situation in the disputed village of Krynky, which some media sources claim serves as a strategic bridgehead for Kyiv. In contrast, others suggest ongoing fighting and contested control.

The announcement of the Ukrainian success came during a speech by Andriy Yermak, the head of the office of President Volodymyr Zelensky, at the Hudson Institute in Washington. Yermak revealed that the Ukrainian Defense Forces had established a bridgehead on the left bank of the Dnieper, marking a significant milestone in the ongoing conflict. He stated, “Step by step, they are demilitarizing Crimea. We have covered 70% of the distance. And our counteroffensive continues.”

This development follows a pivotal moment a year ago when Russian forces, under pressure from the Ukrainian army, decided to withdraw from the right western bank of the Dnieper, including the critical city of Kherson.

The Russian state agencies TASS and RIA Novosti had previously reported a “regrouping” of forces to more advantageous positions near the Dnieper.

However, a day before Yermak’s announcement, both agencies retracted their reports, adding an air of mystery and speculation to the unfolding situation.

Russian authorities also confirmed the Ukrainian advances on the left bank. Vladimir Saldo, the head of the occupation administration of the Kherson region and Russian-appointed governor, acknowledged that Kyiv had successfully taken positions on this critical stretch of the Dnieper.

Despite this admission, he asserted on “Telegram” that the Russian army was subjecting the Ukrainian forces to a “fiery hell.”

Saldo disclosed the presence of approximately a brigade and a half of the Ukrainian army near the railway bridge to Krynky, claiming that the enemy was effectively “blocked” in the village.

Expressing concern about the situation, he went on to state that the “average life expectancy of a Ukrainian soldier on the left bank is just over two days.”

As the conflict in southern Ukraine continues to evolve, the international community watches closely, awaiting further developments and hoping for a peaceful resolution to the year-long crisis.

The Ukrainian advances on the left bank of the Dnieper mark a significant shift in the dynamics of the ongoing conflict, raising questions about the region’s future and the potential impacts on geopolitical relations.


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