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Mellisa Skerrit extends gratitude for successfully conducting Amnesia Carnival Dominica

Roseau, Dominica: Melissa Skerrit, the Parliamentary Representative extended...

Munich Security Conference Highlights Urgent Need for Western Action Amidst Ukrainian Conflict

Key discussions at the MSC emphasized two crucial factors that could potentially alter the trajectory of the war: the expansion of the defense industry and the upcoming U.S. presidential elections

Russia Asserts Control Over Avdiivka Coke Plant, advances to Zaporizhzhia, Kharkiv and Donetsk

The fall of Avdiivka marks Russia's most significant victory since the capture of Bakhmut in May 2023, underscoring the advancing presence of Russian forces in the region

SBU prevents transfer of Ukrainian defence related information to Russian Federation

WorldRussiaSBU prevents transfer of Ukrainian defence related information to Russian Federation

Employees of the Security Service prevented the transfer to the Russian Federation of defense information circulating in one of the regional military-civilian administrations of Ukraine.

The investigation established that the possibility of a leak existed through the electronic document management system. Thus, the Kyiv IT company, which installed software in a state institution, granted access to the databases to its colleagues from the temporarily occupied part of the region.


These “colleagues” turned out to be representatives of the terrorist organization “DNR”, who acted under the guise of employees of the Donetsk “branch” of the company.

Due to the obtained online access, the participants planned to organize a regular “drain” of information from OVA.

In the course of comprehensive measures, the SBU employees established that the enemy was most interested in information about the consequences of Russian airstrikes on the energy infrastructure of the region.

The invaders also wanted to know the exact coordinates of the electrical substations on which repair and restoration works were carried out or are still ongoing after the shelling.

This would help the enemy to plan and launch repeated air attacks on them.

During searches of the office of the IT company and the residences of the persons involved in Kyiv, the following was discovered:


▪️ computers and mobile phones with evidence of subversive activity;

▪️ seals and documents indicating the conduct of “joint business” with the Donetsk “branch”.

Based on the collected evidence, one of the managers of the capital contractor was detained. SBU investigators informed him of the suspicion under Part 1 of Art. 258-3 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (facilitating the activities of a terrorist organization).

This article also describes the criminal actions of five of his accomplices from temporarily occupied Donetsk. Currently, the issue of bringing them to justice is being resolved.

Perpetrators face up to 15 years in prison with confiscation of property.

Comprehensive measures were carried out under the procedural guidance of the Office of the Prosecutor General.

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