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Russia’s FSB arrests founder of hacking group in Moscow

NewsRussia's FSB arrests founder of hacking group in Moscow

Moscow: The four members of the Infraud Organization hacking group have been arrested by Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) and law enforcement. The purported founder of the hacking group named Andrey Novak, is considered wanted in the United States as he was accused of cybercrime.

As per some reports, Russia’s FSB was detained, and the other purported hackers of the group are under house arrest. 


With the operational support of law enforcement and cooperation of the US law enforcement, the Russian special services have detained the four members of the hacking group during the intelligence-gathering activities. Moreover, it was mentioned that the primary source of the hacking group was the use of stolen credit card data.  

Further, the purported founder of the criminal group was wanted in the US due to the accusation of cybercrime and has been detained for two months. In addition to that, the three members of the organization named Kirill Samokutyaev, Konstantin Vladimirovich Bergman and Mark Abramovich Bergman are now under house arrest and detained by law enforcement of Russia, as per the sources. 

Moreover, Russia’s FSB asserted that the probe in the matter is still going on to locate the other members of the international hacking group. 

As per the further reports, Russia has not planned to deport the founder Novak from the US. It said,” The legislation of Russia forbids extradition of its citizens to a foreign state”. It further added that if a foreign citizen wanted abroad is among those who were detained by the authorities, the US will deport the persons for further court proceedings and investigations if needed. 

In February 2018, US law enforcement arrested 13 persons who were accused of participation in a criminal scheme that actually damaged at least $530 million. Moreover, the arrested people were from the US, Australia, the UK, France, Italy and Serbia. Further, around 36 people have been charged, and the US Department of Justice added that the criminal group was organized by Ukrainian citizens in 2010.

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