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Russian official Medvedev called Ukraine a toy being controlled by US and NATO

NewsRussian official Medvedev called Ukraine a toy being controlled by US and NATO

On Thursday, January 27, 2022, the Russian Security Council Deputy Chairman Dmitry Medvedev called Ukraine a toy in the hand of the US and NATO while stating that they use Kyiv as a tool to create geopolitical pressure on Russia.

In the interview, the Russian official has accused NATO and the United States and raised certain questions against them. He asserted that they are using Ukraine for personal interest.


Speaking in an interview, the official cited,” This is sad that Ukraine has become the toy of the hands of NATO and especially of the US. The countries are operating agenda against Moscow and using Ukraine to create geopolitical pressure o Russia”.

While talking about NATO, he noted,” The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) has not kept its promise as it was going to voiced regarding the non-expansion to the east and moved to Russian state borders. Hence, the simple promise was not to extend NATO, but they didn’t abide their commitment”.

Medvedev further asserted that they hadn’t signed anything. “We all know well who and when such promises have been granted. Lest’s ask them do they really not promise not to expand NATO on the territory of the former Soviet Union? They further don’t keep all their promises. They are invading on our state borders”.

Moreover, he also explained that Washington is already in the game in the Participation of the US in talks with Ukraine.

The Russian official further accused the US and cited,” the US is influencing the citizens of Ukrainians as they were trying to escalate the crisis. So, it is better that they openly influence the citizens and openly operate their agenda against Russia. No will opposes the idea, and everyone is all for it”.

As per the official, the United States is escalating the tensions between Russia and Ukraine. ” It would be the most dramatic, hazardous development with the possibility of Clash between Russia and NATO in Ukraine”.



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