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International Peace Summit on Ukraine Ends with “Zero Results,” says Kremlin

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov delivered a blunt assessment of the summit's outcomes, stating, "If we talk about the results of this meeting, then they come down to zero"

Ukrainian Shelling in Shebekino Leaves Five Dead and Several Wounded

Governor Gladkov reported that four bodies were recovered from the rubble of a partially collapsed apartment block in Shebekino, a town of approximately 40,000 residents located near the border with Ukraine's northeast Kharkiv region

Russian Journalist Killed in Drone Attack in Eastern Ukraine

Russian journalist Nikita Tsitsagi was killed in a drone attack by Ukrainian forces near the Saint-Nicolas monastery in Vugledar, eastern Ukraine, NEWS.ru announced Sunday. The area has been a hotspot of intense fighting for the past three months

Russian Forces in Occupied Ukraine Allegedly Utilizing Starlink Terminals, Despite Denial from SpaceX

WorldRussiaRussian Forces in Occupied Ukraine Allegedly Utilizing Starlink Terminals, Despite Denial from SpaceX

In a development that has raised eyebrows across global military circles, Kyiv’s leading military intelligence agency has alleged that Russian forces in occupied territories of Ukraine are making use of Starlink terminals, produced by Elon Musk’s SpaceX, for satellite internet connectivity.

Despite staunch denials from SpaceX, Ukrainian officials assert that the terminals have become integral to Kyiv’s battlefield communications since their hurried deployment following Russia’s invasion in February 2022.


According to statements released by the Ukrainian Defence Ministry’s Main Directorate of Intelligence (GUR), instances of Russian occupiers utilizing Starlink devices have been documented, with indications suggesting a growing systemic adoption of the technology.

Spokesman Andriy Yusov emphasized the seriousness of the situation, stating, “Cases of the Russian occupiers’ use of the given devices have been registered. It is beginning to take on a systemic nature.”

The terminals, initially deployed to aid Ukrainian forces, are reportedly now being utilized by units such as Russia’s 83rd Air Assault Brigade, which is allegedly engaged in combat near the embattled towns of Klishchiivka and Andriivka in the partially occupied eastern region of Donetsk.

Despite these assertions, SpaceX founder Elon Musk took to X, a platform he owns, to vehemently deny any direct or indirect sale of Starlink terminals to Russia.

“To the best of our knowledge, no Starlinks have been sold directly or indirectly to Russia,” Musk stated in a post on Sunday. He further emphasized, “Several false news reports claim that SpaceX sells Starlink terminals to Russia. This is categorically false.”

The stark contradiction between Ukrainian claims and SpaceX’s denial adds a layer of complexity to the situation, raising questions about the veracity of the allegations and the potential implications for SpaceX’s operations.


It also underscores the broader geopolitical tensions surrounding Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the subsequent conflict in the region.

While the exact extent of Russian forces’ reliance on Starlink terminals remains uncertain, the allegations put forth by Ukrainian officials signal a new dimension in the ongoing conflict.

The utilization of advanced satellite technology for military purposes in the contested region underscores the evolving nature of modern warfare and the strategic importance of reliable communication infrastructure on the battlefield.

As the situation continues to develop, observers closely monitor for further evidence and responses from Ukrainian and SpaceX officials.

Russian forces’ alleged use of Starlink terminals highlights the intricate interplay between technology, geopolitics, and military strategy in the 21st century, underscoring the challenges nations face navigating complex conflicts in an increasingly interconnected world.



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