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Pakistan ranks among worst performers in internet access & digital governance

WorldPakistan ranks among worst performers in internet access & digital governance

Pakistan in 2022 has remained among world’s worst performers in terms of internet access & digital governance. The report ‘Pakistan’s Internet Landscape 2022’ was released by human rights as well as advocacy organization Bytes For All and looked into detail the complex ties between the human rights and information and communication technologies.

As per the report, Pakistan made some gains with respect to the internet access overall governance. However, the nation remained among the worst performers.


The report added that, “In terms of internet access and overall governance, Pakistan has made some gains, but in context of the world, the nation remains among the worst performers, even within just Asia.”

The report shared that despite rise in the internet penetration, around 15% of the population still lacked access to internet as well as mobile or telecom services. As per the report, the rest of the people suffered from slow speeds as well as lack of consistency in services.

It pointed out that one of biggest global gender gaps in access as well as a struggle to stay online was “load shedding & blackouts” caused because of the energy crisis.

The report shared that, “Add to this a lack of inclusivity & digital literacy, one of biggest global gender gaps in access & struggle to stay online because of load shedding and blackouts brought on by the energy crisis and catastrophic floods, as well as a dismal picture emerges.”

The report added that Pakistan ranked last among 22 nations in Asia & 79 globally in key indicators of availability, affordability, relevance & readiness.

The report emphasized a massive gender gap in both internet access & mobile phone access for females as well as called it “major issue” in Pakistan.




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