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Russia, Syria hold first joint air patrol mission along Golan Heights

NewsRussia, Syria hold first joint air patrol mission along Golan Heights

A joint air patrol mission across the Golan Heights and the Euphrates River have been conducted by the Russian and Syrian military pilots. The Russian Defence Ministry has informed about the joint mission by Russia and the Syrian in a statement.

As per the official statement of the ministry,” The route of the mission is that it ran along the Golan Heights, the southern border, and it also ran across the Euphrates River and over northern Syria.


Further, Russian pilots firstly took off from the Air Base of Hmeymin; on the other hand, the Syrian pilots took from the airfields of Seikal and Dumayr outside the Damascus, as per the report of the Defence Ministry of Russia.

Further, the Defence Ministry of Russia informed that Russia had given the Su-34 and Su-35 aircraft to the mission. Moreover, it has also involved the A-50 early warning and control aircraft as well as Russia also included Syria’s MiG-23 and MiG-29 planes in the joint mission of Russia and Syria.

It further informed that when the patrol mission will be started, the pilots of Syrian controlled the further airspace. The plans of Syria will also provide fighter cover; on the other hand, the crews of Russia will also practise the attacks on the targets situated on the ground.

Moreover, the ministry also highlighted that pilots of the respective countries have already practised strikes on the targets on the air as well as the targets present on the ground near the training rage situated in central Syria.

While emphasising the joint pilot mission, the Russian Defence Ministry further noted that the pilots of the two countries had developed skills into themselves that will further help them to create and run with cooperation in various certain types of situations that will be occurred during the mission.

Further, it asserted that this kind of joint mission will now take place on a regular basis.


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