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Thursday, February 29, 2024

NATO Allies Firm: No Troops to Ukraine, Despite Russian Rebuke of Macron

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Russia: Supreme Court bans ‘Columbine movement’ after considering it terrorist group

NewsRussia: Supreme Court bans 'Columbine movement' after considering it terrorist group

Moscow: The Prosecutor of the General Office of Russia has filed a petition in the Supreme Court of the country in which they have requested the court to consider the Columbine movement as a terrorist group. Now, on Wednesday, February 3, 2022, the Supreme Court of Russia has been satisfied with the request of the Prosecutor to recognize the movement as a terrorist group.

Further, the court stated,” We are satisfied with the request of the Prosecutor General’s Office and further considered the ‘Columbine’ movement as a terrorist one”. It also informed that the ruling of the order would be implemented very soon.


Meanwhile, the hearing of the court has been taken place behind closed doors, and it has also conveyed the resolution and set an example and motivation for others to counter the terrorism in the country. 

The Columbine movement is also known as the mass culture in which the two students have killed around 13 people in one of the schools of the United States. Moreover, the virtual incident has injured 23 people in the United States. The community named thematic have also approached the various countries, which also includes Russia, and have condemned the murderers.  

Now, the Supreme court has declared the movement as a terrorist group, and if the police have found anyone to participate in the movement and would also be penalized and also get imprisoned for a lifetime.   

Moreover, the terrorist organization and people who were involved would also get life imprisonment, as per the order by the court and information of the Prosecutor General’s Office told this on Wednesday. 

Further, On February 2, 2022, the Columbine movement was recognized as a terrorist group, and they asserted that the request filed by the Prosecutor was correct, and now, Russia has banned the organization in the country and also reviewed it properly. 



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