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Russian Court Orders Seizure of Deutsche Bank and UniCredit Assets Amid Exit from Russia

Court documents dated May 16 reveal that the St. Petersburg court ordered the confiscation of assets amounting to 239 million euros ($260 million) from Deutsche Bank and 463 million euros ($504 million) from Italy's UniCredit

PM Roosevelt Skerrit welcome students of Bellevue Chopin Primary School

Roseau, Dominica: The students of Bellevue Chopin...

Ukrainian Drone Attacks on Russia Kill 2, Ignite Oil Refinery Blaze

This marks Kyiv's largest aerial assault in recent weeks and coincides with Russian advancements along the northeastern Ukrainian front line

Russia adopts adequate steps to cope with sanctions or gas supplies cut than EU: Borrell

WorldEuropeRussia adopts adequate steps to cope with sanctions or gas supplies cut than EU: Borrell

The foreign policy chief Joseph Borrell informed that Russia had done an incredible job of enhancing and improving their stability to face the situation of sanctions by the Western part on Sunday, February 6, 2022. Moreover, the country has also made great efforts and more efforts to boost its capacity if they face any cut of gas supply in the future than the European Union.

In his personal blog, the policy chief of the European Union, Borrell, wrote,” For, over the years, Russia has done an incredible job and improves its resilience against any economic sanctions. The efforts made by the country is that they have increased their foreign currency reserves, more than the European Union has done. Moreover, Russia has the power to come through economic sanctions, and if their gas supply is cut out, they could cope with that through their jobs.”


While emphasizing taking adequate measures, Borrell cited that the European Union should consider it a serious issue and work on it properly. The European Union should urgently need to have developed adequate strategies that could lead the gas reserves and strengthen the countries to cope with the situation, such as cutting off gas supplies and also need to adopt such measures which could aid the EU to purchase the possibility join gas supply, mentioned by Borrel in his blog.

Moreover, in the coming days, the European Union will discuss various measures which should be followed with the United States on the matter of reducing the dependence of the countries on the Russian gas and possible supplies of the United States liquefied natural gas to European Countries, underscored by Borrel. The foreign policy chief Borrel asserted that before his visit to the United States. He would be going to attend the United States-European Union EmergyCouncil meeting.

He further wrote,” The United States is known as the largest supplier of the Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) and so to enhance our capacity we are intensifying with the United States to cooperate so that there would be security f the possible gas supplies in regard of the cut-offs of the supplies”.

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