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Putin’s rating falls below 30% in 24 hours of Prigozhin’s ‘coup d’etat’, says Ukrainian Advisor

WorldRussiaPutin's rating falls below 30% in 24 hours of Prigozhin's 'coup d'etat', says Ukrainian Advisor

President Vladimir Putin’s rating within Russia has fallen down below 30% in the 24 hours of Yevgeny Prigozhin’s “Coup d’etat.” The following statement has been made by the Advisor to the Ukrainian Minister of Internal Affairs, Anton Gerashchenko.

Advisor Gerashchenko, took it to his official social media handle to share his following estimates among the general audience, adding that, “By my estimates, Putin’s rating in Russia fell below 30% in the 24 hours of Prigozhin’s “coup d’etat”. The bloody murderer turned into a limping duck, his “macho” image shattered both in Russia and abroad.”


In the social media post, Advisor Gerashchenko, added that, “It’s really like Russia had two presidents today – the real one, a determined, capable murderer, and the old one – cowering with fear deep down in his bunker, sending his bloody accomplice Lukashenko to negotiate.”

While elaborating the note, Advisor Gerashchenko has also raised question about why Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko, is being the middleman between Russia and Prigozhin, to which he added that, “I think the answer is simple. Wagner convoys were only a few hours away from Moscow. If they had captured the capital, they would take control over government buildings, including the Kremlin. That would lead to the collapse of Putin’s regime, and that, in turn, would have caused the collapse of Lukashenko’s regime. That’s why one rushed to save the other.”

It is also to be noted that, the troops of Wagner army run by Prigozhin was almost on their way on marching towards the capital city of Moscow calling it “March for justice.”

Advisor Gerashchenko further noted that:

What will happen next?

  1. No one really knows the exact agreements that were reached in negotiations with Prigozhin. The fact is – a convoy of Wagner PMC stopped and walked away 200 km from Moscow, and that Prigozhin’s forces left the headquarters of Southern Military Region in Rostov.
  2. A lot will depend on whether Putin will honor his side of the deal, including the resignation of Shoigu and Gerasimov (assuming that was included in the agreement).

Moreover, it has been considered as a situation of delight for people of Ukraine, after watching the threats of civil war growing within the Russian military forces.


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