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Ukraine’s Energy crisis escalates amid Russian attacks and harsh winter conditions

Once an electricity exporter, Ukraine has been forced to resort to emergency electricity imports from neighbouring Romania and Poland this week to meet the surging demand, as revealed by Ukraine's power grid operator, Ukrenergo

International aid to Ukraine plummets amid political tensions and growing uncertainty

The report comes against the backdrop of mounting uncertainty surrounding further US aid to Ukraine and a delay in the European Union's approval of a $50 billion aid package for Kyiv, facing opposition from Hungary and Slovakia

Teenage girl in Bryansk school shoots classmate before turning gun on herself

The gun used in the tragic incident was reportedly registered in the girl's father's name, as revealed by a parliamentarian

Putin-Imran speaks on phone, discuss strengthening bilateral relations

NewsPutin-Imran speaks on phone, discuss strengthening bilateral relations

A telephonic conversation was held between the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, on Monday, January 17, 2022. Both the counterparts have discussed enhancing the trade and other mutually advantageous cooperation between the two countries.

PM Imran Khan took to Twitter and informed about the conservation and said he had talked to President Putin.


While emphasizing the empathy given by the Russian President, PM Khan cited,” We got the respect, kindness and sensitivity for our beloved prophet Muhammad first time from the Western leader”.

In the phonic conversation, PM further urged that Muslims appreciate the words of President Putin for the Holy Prophet Muhammad, which he made during the annual press conference on December 23, 2021.

While recalling the Islam, Russian PM noted that Russian had historically been a multinational and multi-confessional state where people of several religions live with each other. The people, which also includes Muslims and other religions, coexist and interact with each other.

With these talks, Russia and Pakistan have ready to resume their contact with each other.

Further, PM Khan explained the topic they had discussed on the phone and said that both the countries have talked to enhance the bilateral relationships.

“We have talked about how both the countries could increase their trade and other cooperation and further looking forward to doing business,” Imran asserted while informing that they both have invited each other to visit the countries”.


As per some reports, both the leaders have also recognized their conversations over the past year. They further talked about bilateral cooperation and regional and international issues of mutual interest between both countries.

Putin during his press conference last December, urged that people are violating the freedom of religion and creating fear among who profess Islam by insulting the Holy Prophet Muhammad. He further noted that such behaviours and thinking could trigger extremist manifestation.




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