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Ukrainian Security Forces Disrupt Key Siberian Railway Link in Daring Operation

Explosive Devices Detonated in Buryatia Tunnel; Russia...

Ukraine successfully thwarts Russian drone and Missile attacks, sustains no Injuries or Damage

Despite the intensity of the assault, Ukrainian authorities have confirmed that there are no reported injuries or material damage thus far

Slovak Prime Minister Fico charts post-war course in diplomacy

In a diplomatic manoeuvre aimed at navigating...

Japan to develop relations with Russia, includes energy cooperation: Japanese PM

WorldAsiaJapan to develop relations with Russia, includes energy cooperation: Japanese PM

The government of Japan is set to negotiate with the Russian government to reconcile and resolve the territorial issue and make the result of the peace treaty, Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida asserted on Monday.

While speaking at the plenary session of the lower house, PM informed that Tokoyo is exhaustively planning to set up a relation with Moscow, which includes energy cooperation, and want to resume consistent negotiations on a peace treaty.


Japnese PM Fumio noted,” In order to strengthen the national interests, we are all set to develop healthy relations between Japenese-Russian in all specified areas, which includes cooperation in the field of energy”.

Pm further informed that Japan is continuously talking with Russia aimed to settle the issue of territories and enthusiast to sign the peace treaty based on existing bilateral agreements. Singapore was the place where the discussions on the matter were held in 2018.

After World War II, Moscow and Tokyo have been continuously holding consultations to conclude the peace treaty. The issue of the southern Kuril Islands is the key sticking point. Further, the whole archipelago was handed over to the Soviet Union in 1945. Tokyo had established its appearance in Iturup, Kunashir, Shikotan and a group of uninhabited islands.

Further, the foreign Ministry of Russia has repeatedly claimed Moscow’s sovereignty over the islands, and international law also enshrined this. So, no one can put a question on it.

In November 2018, Russian President Vladimir Putin and then Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe came to a conclusion and agreed to boost the negotiations on the peace treaty, which is based on the Soviet-Japanese Joint Declaration of 1956.

According to the document, the USSR showed its readiness to give the island of Shikotan and some other islands of the Lesser Kuril Chain to Japan after they signed a peace treaty.


On December 8, 1956, the parliaments of both the states had confirmed the declaration, and Moscow was clear that when the conclusion on the peace treaty came out, then the territorial issue could be considered.

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