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Prez Zelenskyy asks international organizations to come up and help people of Kherson in catastrophic times

WorldRussiaPrez Zelenskyy asks international organizations to come up and help people of Kherson in catastrophic times

The President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, on Wednesday has made another public address, seeking help from other nations for the people that are trapped in the occupied regions of Kherson. While calling for the help, President Zelenskyy, added that, The situation in the occupied part of Kherson region is absolutely catastrophic.”

He further mentioned that, the occupying forces of the Russian Federation have left the Ukrainian people abandoned in these terrifying conditions. He added that, “Without rescue, without any water facility, just on the top of the roofs in flood affected communities.” He called it as the another deliberate crime of the Russian troops, as the terrorist state has caused the disaster, it has also increased the damage from it.


Noting to which, he called for help from the world, asking that, “Now we need a clear and quick response from the world to what is happening.”

He added that, it is not possible for establishing exact number of people in the temporarily occupied parts of the Kherson may die without rescue or without water, without any food, without medical care. He said that, “The Ukraine forces and the special services are making sure the proper rescue of people, as much as it is possible, despite the shelling. But large-scale efforts are needed.”

Moreover, in the address, President Zelenksyy has asked for the people from the international organizations, asking the International Committee of the Red Cross to join and ensure possibility of rescue of people in the occupied part of the Kherson. He added that, “If there is no international organization on the spot of the disaster now, it exactly means that it doesn’t exists at all, that it is incapable of functioning properly.”


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