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PM Skerrit asks China to address humanitarian, security crisis in Haiti

NewsPM Skerrit asks China to address humanitarian, security crisis in Haiti

The Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of Dominica, Dr Roosevelt Skerrit, has asked China for addressing the humanitarian, security and governance issues in Haiti. PM Roosevelt Skerrit has delivered address during the 8th Round of Consultations between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China and Caribbean nations on Friday.

It is to be noted that, during the address, PM Skerrit added that, “As you all are aware, Haiti has been experiencing the security and humanitarian crisis, which actually requires the care and concern of all nations. In order to usher a likely solution to the crisis, there will be requirement for a Security Council resolution, we therefore request the support of China at the Security Council.”


Notably, after the completion of CARICOM Heads of Government meeting in Trinidad, leaders added the requirement for the immediate creation of a Humanitarian and Security Stabilization Corridor under the mandate of a United Nations Security Council (UNSC) Resolution and agreed to look for support from international partners for helping finance its establishment and the empowering of the security across Haiti.

PM Skerrit asks China to address humanitarian, security crisis in Haiti
PM Skerrit asks China to address humanitarian, security crisis in Haiti

Prime Minister, Dr Roosevelt Skerrit, said that, “Heads were also preoccupied with the issues of food security, climate change impacts, the reform of international financial systems, and security and air transportation within the region.

He mentioned that, “As Small island nations, we are looking for forming stronger ties with China and drawing on your innovation and prowess in science and technology for tackling these global issues.”

At the same time, PM Skerrit express gratitude to the Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs of China, Hua Chunying, for longstanding and fruitful relations between China and Dominica and support for Caribbean nations in areas of infrastructure investment, security assistance, trade and COVID-19 aid.

While emphasizing on the China’s ties with Caribbean nations, she added that, “We are seeing a great increase in people to people exchanges, we stood with each other in solidarity during the pandemic and we have provided each other with vaccines and medical supplies.”

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