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Over 2,000 foreign citizens evacuates from Kazakhstan by Russian Military

NewsOver 2,000 foreign citizens evacuates from Kazakhstan by Russian Military

On Thursday, January 13, 2022, the Russian Defence Ministry informed that a total of 2000 Russian and foreign citizens had been evacuated by the Russian Aerospace Forces from Kazakhstan.

According to the report of the ministry,” The number of the Russian and foreign citizens who were evacuated from the Republic of Kazakhstan to Russia onboard planes that belong to the Russian Aerospace Forces’ military transport aviation is 2,241.


The Russians and foreigners have visited Kazakhstan in the wake of festive occasions such as New Year and Christmas. But due to the sudden outbreak of violence in the country, which further closed the national airport named Almaty Airport of Kazakhstan makes the foreign visitors returned to their countries.

Due to the outbreak of violence in the country, the President of Kazakhstan has requested Russia to help them out. After that, diplomats of the Russia-led military were deployed in the country.

So, the people who were stuck in the hotel due to the closure of the country have appealed to the leadership of the Russian peacekeeping forces that they should help them make their return to their respective countries, as per the sayings of the Defence Ministry.

In January 2022, several Kazakh cities have witnessed a huge protest, which further brought massive riots. Protestors have also attacked the police and military personnel as the government buildings were ransacked by the demonstrators in several cities a few days later.

Moreover, the cause behind the protest was the hike in the fuel price by the government in the country. Protestors were also targeted various government buildings and public properties.

The erupted violence has killed dozens of people and left thousands injured. Moreover, President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev also informed that within two, the Russia-led troops would leave the country and with over 2000 Russian and foreign citizens have been evacuated by the Russian Aerospace Forces from Kazakhstan.


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