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BSF shot down another Pakistani drone at Wagah-Attari border

The Border Security Force (BSF) has shot down another Pakistani drone, which was carrying the narcotics near the Wagah-Attari international border in the Punjab’s Amritsar.

If Putin distance himself from war, who makes decision then?

“If Putin distanced himself from the war, who makes the decisions then?” was the question raised by the Advisor to the Ukrainian Minister of Internal Affairs, Anton Gerashchenko.

SBU conducts systematic fight against organized crime for threatening state security of Ukraine

The Security Service conducts a systematic fight against organized crime, which threatens the state security of Ukraine in wartime conditions.

‘My first photo after full scale war started’, reads photo caption of an Ukrainian troop

WorldRussia'My first photo after full scale war started', reads photo caption of an Ukrainian troop
A soldier from the Ukrainian army ‘Максим’, (translated: Maksym) has recently shared his photograph, which he claims to be his first photograph, which was clicked on February 25, 2022, after the full-scale invasion by Russian troops started.
Maksym took it to his Twitter handle to share his photograph with the general audience of Twitter. Along with the photograph, he gave a caption alongside, which reads that, “My first photo after full scale war started. Near Chahovka February 25).”
Максим or Maksym is an army officer working in the Ukrainian army, mainly in Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD), specifically in military engineering.
Following the post, several people were touched by the photograph of Maksym in a combat situation and are expressing support for the Ukrainian army in the comment section, which reads that, “You and your comrades have forged a legendary reputation thanks to your bravery, competency, and grit. You’ll be discussed as victorious heroes in world history books, defenders of democracy. The free world is proud of you and we’ll celebrate alongside you on victory day. “
Alongside this, several other users have extended support for the Ukrainian army in the comment section, which reads as, “We have never forgotten that you are fighting Russia for us (all over the world). Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart. And we will continue to support, cheer and fight side by side with you! Glory to Ukraine!”
Meanwhile, several other users have expressed support, by replying to the photograph by Maksym, which reads as, “You will be heroes forever. Let us remember the action of your unit in the attempted crossing of the river by the Russians. You will have to give lectures and explain everything in a book for those of us who follow you from what remains of the free world. Take care of yourself.”

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