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International Peace Summit on Ukraine Ends with “Zero Results,” says Kremlin

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov delivered a blunt assessment of the summit's outcomes, stating, "If we talk about the results of this meeting, then they come down to zero"

Ukrainian Shelling in Shebekino Leaves Five Dead and Several Wounded

Governor Gladkov reported that four bodies were recovered from the rubble of a partially collapsed apartment block in Shebekino, a town of approximately 40,000 residents located near the border with Ukraine's northeast Kharkiv region

Russian Journalist Killed in Drone Attack in Eastern Ukraine

Russian journalist Nikita Tsitsagi was killed in a drone attack by Ukrainian forces near the Saint-Nicolas monastery in Vugledar, eastern Ukraine, NEWS.ru announced Sunday. The area has been a hotspot of intense fighting for the past three months

Buses are ready to go to Kharkiv & Sumy to evacuate Indian students: Russia notifies UNSC

WorldRussiaBuses are ready to go to Kharkiv & Sumy to evacuate Indian students: Russia notifies UNSC

Russia has notified the UN Security Council that Russian buses are ready at crossing points to go to the eastern cities of Kharkiv and Sumy of Ukraine to evacuate Indian students & other foreign nationals who are abandoned there amidst the raging conflict in the East European nation.

The 15-nation UN Security Council carried out an emergency session on Friday, called Albania, Ireland, France, the United Kingdom, Norway, & the United States after Russia attacked Ukraine’s Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant biggest in Europe.


During the meeting, Russian Permanent Representative to the United Nations Ambassador Vassily Nebenzia told that the Russian military is doing everything possible to assure the evacuation of foreign nationals stranded in Ukraine.

He further blamed that Ukraine nationalists were keeping over 3,700 Indian nationals “by force” in Kharkiv and Sumy cities of eastern Ukraine.

As per the statement of Vassily Nebenzia to the UN Security Council, “Terrorists do not let civilians leave cities. This not only impacts Ukrainians but foreigners as well. The number of foreign citizens whom Ukrainians are keeping forcefully is shocking. Kharkiv – 3,189 Indian nationals, up to 2,700 nationals of Vietnam, 202 nationals of China. Sumy- 576 nationals of India, 101 of Ghana, 121 nationals of China.”

“In the Belgorod region of Russia, one hundred thirty comfortable buses have been waiting to go Kharkiv & Sumy since 6:00 am in the morning today at the crossing points ‘Nekhoteevka’ and ‘Sudja’ ready to evacuate Indian nationals and other foreign nations stranded,” he said.

As per the Russian envoy, “The checkpoints are equipped to provide temporary accommodation, space for rest, & hot food. There are also mobile medical stations available with a stock of medicines.

He further added, “Everyone evacuated will be then taken to Belgorod, and from there transported to their homeland by air.”





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