Austria should approve Sputnik V vaccine to prevent labour shortages: Muckstein

In order to boost their economic conditions, the Economic Union of Austria asked the Health Minister of the country Wolfgang Muckstein for the approval of the vaccination certificates of the Russian made vaccine called Sputnik V against the viral infection caused by the novel coronavirus. They have urged the health ministry to prevent the situation of labour shortages as people would not be able to travel the country, which could lead to the problem.

In the vaccine list, which is mandatory for the citizens of Austria to administer under the compulsory vaccination law, the Russian made vaccine Sputnik V is not included as the health ministry has failed to do so. So far,  in the country, the two Chinese mad and three Indian made vaccines against viral infection have been included by the ministry.

The vaccine called Sputnik V has not been approved by the European Medicine Agency.

As per the Austrian Economic Union that if the authorities would not be able to recognise the vaccine made by Russia called Sputnik V against the novel coronavirus, then this will affect thousands of migrant workers. The workers are mostly from Hungry, Romania and Poland. Moreover, the move could also affect the 34,000 workers who are employed in the travel sector and the 11,000 nursing sector workers.

Further, the Union asserted that this would also affect the agriculture workers of about 4,000 in number and 25,00 construction workers too.

The head of Austria economic Union named lawmaker Kurt Egger cited that the workers have to present their negative report of the Covid-19 again and again in order to prove their negative status, due to which they are facing a huge problem.

The Union leader further stated that in order to prevent the labour shortage in the country, the country has to approve the vaccine and make things easier for foreign workers so that they could travel in the country and noted,” Health Minister Muckstein should think in a way and recognise the Russian made vaccine Sputnik V against the novel coronavirus”.

Further, Sputnik V has been approved by various countries such as India and Australia. Moreover, WHO has also asserted that they will recognise the vaccine called Sputnik v against the novel coronavirus very soon.

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