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WHO recommends two more drugs for COVID-19 treatment

COVIDWHO recommends two more drugs for COVID-19 treatment

The World Health Organization (WHO) has issued its new guidelines by adding two drugs into the treatment of the Covid-19 pandemic. The new recommendation has come after the world is witnessing a surge of the deadly viral infection with the triggering of the new strain of Covid-19 called Omicron.

Barcitinib, a name of one of the drugs, has been recommended by the World Health Organization. The drug is also used to treat rheumatoid arthritis, necessarily considered for the patients who have been severely affected by the Covid-19 virus.


Further, the second drug that can be second for the treatment of the pandemic is corticosteroids, stated by the UN agency’s panel of international experts said on Friday, January 14, 2022.

While emphasising the benefits of drugs, the panel mentioned that the drug is beneficial to reduce the severity of viral infection and dependence on ventilation. Moreover, It also helps to increase the chance of survival and have not to consist any side effects.

The new recommendations come after the deadly viral infection is again gripping the world worst, especially after the emergence of the Omicron variant. More than 15 million cases of Covid-19 have been reported to the WHO in the last week, which was the highest infection in just one week so far. The surge is witnessing due to Omicron, which is replacing the Covid-19 virus everywhere.

By doing seven trials on severe, non-severe, and critical cases of the deadly viral infection, the panel has recommended the new drugs with adequate shreds of evidence.

The United States produces Baricitinib pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly, and their generic versions are primarily available in India and Bangladesh. The patents of the drugs are present in force in many other countries, such as Brazil and Indonesia.

The WHO further asserted that for the treatments, they had recommended the use of corticosteroids in September 2020.


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