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Sunday, December 3, 2023

Ukrainian Security Forces Disrupt Key Siberian Railway Link in Daring Operation

Explosive Devices Detonated in Buryatia Tunnel; Russia...

Ukraine successfully thwarts Russian drone and Missile attacks, sustains no Injuries or Damage

Despite the intensity of the assault, Ukrainian authorities have confirmed that there are no reported injuries or material damage thus far

Slovak Prime Minister Fico charts post-war course in diplomacy

In a diplomatic manoeuvre aimed at navigating...

‘We did not launch attack on train station that killed 35 people,’ claims Russia

WorldRussia'We did not launch attack on train station that killed 35 people,' claims Russia

Russia has made a claim on Friday that it did not launch an attack on a train station in the eastern region of Ukraine that has killed almost 35 people. The defence ministry has made a statement, “All statements by representatives of the Kyiv nationalist regime on the ‘rocket attack’ allegedly carried out by Russia on April 8 at the railway station in Kramatorsk are a provocation & are absolutely untrue.”

The defence ministry also said Russian troops did not have missions planned today in Kramatorsk, & that the missile that destroyed the train station, which is being used by hundreds of civilians to flee from areas being bombarded by Russia, ‘are used only by Ukrainian armed forces.’


As per the statement, “We noted that Tochka-U tactical missiles, fragments of which were discovered near the Kramatorsk railway station & published by eyewitnesses, are used only by the Ukrainian armed forces.”

Moscow’s statement was voiced by a military commander from the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic, which is a part of Ukraine’s breakaway Donbas region at the central part of the war with Russia – who was mentioned by Russian news agency TASS as calling the attack on Ukrainian ‘provocation’.

The EU blamed Russia for a ‘horrifying’ attack; EU council chief Charles Michel blamed Russia for cutting off a fleeing route for civilians.

“Horrifying to look Russia strike one of the main stations used by civilians evacuating region where Russia is gaining its attack,” Michel tweeted.

Shortly before, Ukraine’s state railway agency said two Russian missiles had struck a station in Kramatorsk being used by civilians to evacuate from areas experiencing military conflict.



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