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Sunday, December 3, 2023

Ukrainian Security Forces Disrupt Key Siberian Railway Link in Daring Operation

Explosive Devices Detonated in Buryatia Tunnel; Russia...

Ukraine successfully thwarts Russian drone and Missile attacks, sustains no Injuries or Damage

Despite the intensity of the assault, Ukrainian authorities have confirmed that there are no reported injuries or material damage thus far

Slovak Prime Minister Fico charts post-war course in diplomacy

In a diplomatic manoeuvre aimed at navigating...

WATCH: All roads lead again to the filibuster

PoliticsWATCH: All roads lead again to the filibuster

The continued debate over filibuster reform took heart stage in political information this week. TARA and EUGENE look again at Biden’s response over eliminating the filibuster throughout his first official press convention on Thursday. In addition they talk about why the filibuster is the one approach Democrats can move laws on gun management and voting rights.

Watch all the person clips that Eugene and Tara get into on this week’s version of Playback:


1. Biden thinks the filibuster is a relic of the Jim Crow period

Throughout his first official change with reporters, Biden gave imprecise solutions on reducing the variety of votes to 51 to move laws by means of the Senate. However when requested if he agreed with President Barack Obama’s evaluation that rule was a relic of the Jim Crow period, he agreed.

2. McConnell disagrees

Throughout a press convention on Wednesday, Sen. Mitch McConnell was requested why voters ought to belief Republicans to not filibuster voting rights laws, regardless of the GOP’s historical past on doing so prior to now — he claims the it has no ties to racism in any way.

3. Cruz dramatically talks about political theater

Someday after the mass taking pictures in Boulder, Colo., the Texas senator accused his Democratic colleagues of political theater when discussing expanded background checks, and critics assume he acquired simply as theatrical within the course of.


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