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Video: Ukrainian defender recalls story of getting some milk under shelling

WorldRussiaVideo: Ukrainian defender recalls story of getting some milk under shelling

The Advisor to the Ukrainian Minister of Internal Affairs, Anton Gerashchenko, on Monday has shared a video of Ukrainian troop, who was sharing his story of going to get some milk under shelling. Advisor Gerashchenko, took it to his official social media handle to share the details of the following among the general audience.

While sharing the video, Advisor Gerashchenko, noted that, “A story of our Defender going to get some milk under shelling. Really worth hearing!”


In the video, the Ukrainian warrior could be seen as saying that, “During the first few days, as we had just arrived, I was very thirsty for milk. And then I made a deal with the old man that he would give us milk. We went to another street, and I said Zakhar, go, I’ll find the milk and come back. And as soon as I approached the old man, the 120th shell landed, well, two hundred meters away from us.”

“I run at that old man, throw all the money out of my pocket, I didn’t even count, I just threw everything I had, took this jar of milk and ran. And the shelling started just then. They were hitting the road, the house, everything. Shrapnel was flying, and I was running with milk. It starts to spill over me. So drop that jar and run faster so that you don’t, well, you got it,” says Ukrainian troop.

He further added that, “I closed the jar! I am holding the jar in front of me so that it doesn’t drip, and I am running with this milk. Mortar men come out of the cellar and shout: Drop that goddamn jar! You already have wounded there, they say on the radio. “I said: No way I am dropping the jar. I ran half the village with this it!”

While recalling the story, he said that, “I wanted the milk! I throw the jar away. Zakhar gets behind the steering wheel. He wants to drive the car away. He is sweaty, covered in the dirt and cant put it in reverse. He should have pressed the button and then the reverse gear would have turned off. Instead, he puts it in first gear and into the tree. First and into the tree.”

“Then I finally get behind the wheel, we go to pick up the guys. We picked everyone up and took them away. The shelling had stopped and we were coming back. I come to the house where I left the milk and some kid drank half a jar of milk, well, because someone else wanted it too. But I drank it anyway and calmed down,” says the Ukrainian troop.



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