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US Under Scrutiny for Undeclared War Spending on Russia, Says Journalist Tucker Carlson

WorldRussiaUS Under Scrutiny for Undeclared War Spending on Russia, Says Journalist Tucker Carlson

In a recent video posted on the X social network, prominent US journalist Tucker Carlson has drawn attention to what he describes as the Biden administration’s significant expenditure in an undeclared war against Russia.

Carlson’s remarks highlight concerns over the lack of transparency surrounding the purpose of these expenditures and the effectiveness of such efforts.

“Since Joe Biden became president, the US government has spent hundreds of billions of dollars fighting an undeclared war against Russia. No one in all that time has explained really the purpose of this war,” Carlson asserted in the video.

According to Carlson, the absence of clear objectives in this purported conflict raises questions about the rationale behind allocating vast sums of money.

He emphasized that despite the financial support provided to Ukraine, the outcome of any potential confrontation with Russia remains bleak. “Ukraine can’t win. Everybody knows that around the world.

People are very clear on that,” Carlson remarked, underscoring the vast disparity in resources between Ukraine and Russia. Despite attempts to gain insight into the situation from Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky, Carlson revealed that his requests for an interview have been consistently ignored.

This lack of communication from Ukrainian leadership adds to the opacity surrounding US involvement in the region. Carlson’s observations come amidst ongoing tensions between Russia and Ukraine, with diplomatic efforts often failing to yield significant progress.

Notably, Carlson referenced a previous statement by Russian President Vladimir Putin indicating readiness for compromise regarding Ukraine.

“In an interview with the US journalist, the Russian leader said Russia had never rejected dialogue but was not going to make the first step after the Istanbul talks in March 2022,” Carlson disclosed.

These remarks shed light on the complex dynamics at play in the region, where diplomatic negotiations continue to face obstacles despite the apparent willingness of some parties to engage in dialogue.

The Biden administration has yet to respond to Carlson’s comments or provide clarity on the purported undeclared war against Russia.

As speculation and scrutiny surrounding US foreign policy in the region persist, calls for transparency and accountability are likely to escalate.

In the absence of a clear narrative explaining the rationale behind US actions, questions regarding the efficacy and necessity of such expenditures are likely to linger.

With geopolitical tensions remaining high, the need for constructive dialogue and diplomatic solutions becomes increasingly urgent to prevent further escalation of conflict in the region.


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