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Ukraine’s Energy crisis escalates amid Russian attacks and harsh winter conditions

Once an electricity exporter, Ukraine has been forced to resort to emergency electricity imports from neighbouring Romania and Poland this week to meet the surging demand, as revealed by Ukraine's power grid operator, Ukrenergo

International aid to Ukraine plummets amid political tensions and growing uncertainty

The report comes against the backdrop of mounting uncertainty surrounding further US aid to Ukraine and a delay in the European Union's approval of a $50 billion aid package for Kyiv, facing opposition from Hungary and Slovakia

Teenage girl in Bryansk school shoots classmate before turning gun on herself

The gun used in the tragic incident was reportedly registered in the girl's father's name, as revealed by a parliamentarian

US President warns of disaster for Russia if it invades Ukraine

NewsUS President warns of disaster for Russia if it invades Ukraine

Amid the crisis between Russia and Ukraine, United States President Joe Biden warned Russia that it would be hazardous for them for a full-blown invasion of Ukraine. Moreover, he also asserted that Russia would be accountable for the surge of tension in the country.

While speaking during a press conference marking his first year in office, President Biden showed confusion by suggesting a minor invasion could have erupted from the West if just a little push had been given.


Biden asserted that he did not believe that President of Russia Vladimir Putin wants to have a war between the countries, but cited that the prominent leaders of Russia are doing such things to create the situation that is exhibiting extremely difficult to counter and have potentially could get out of hand in the respective region.

“I firmly believe that there will be some movement from the side of Russia, and they have to do something, asserted Prime Minister.

He further noted that President Putin is planning some which are significant as the invasion in Ukraine as he wants to test the United States and NATO that would be met with a minor pushback from the allies.

President Biden urged that it would be a disaster for Russia if they witnessed further invasion in Ukraine. While threatening President Vladimir Putin, Joe Biden claimed that their partners and allies are ready to impose severe costs and significant danger to Russia and its massive economy.

He further warned the Russian President that he had never witnessed sanctions like the ones, and he also promised that Russia would face enormous consequences if they did not stop the continuous incursions in Ukraine.

It is one thing; it’s just a minor invasion, and then we are ready to end the fight between us about what to do and not do, etcetera”, he said.
“It’s one thing if it’s a minor incursion, and then we end up having a fight about what to do and not do, etcetera,” he said.


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