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SBU gathers proof against traitor Roman Basedin for heading DNR Media Holding

The Security Service of Ukraine has gathered evidence against the traitor Roman Besedin, who is the head of the occupying "DNR media holding."

575 days of Russia-Ukraine war: Russian army lost over 274,470 troops in war against Ukraine

The ongoing battle between Russian and Ukrainian forces have reached its 575th day. It is to be noted that the was started on the early morning of February 24, 2022.

SBU detains two more organizers of pseudo-referendum of Russia

The security service of Ukraine have detained two more organizers of the pseudo-referendum of the Russian Federation, which took place during the temporary occupation of the right-bank part of the Kherson region in 2022.

UNGA voted to condemn Russia’s annexation of Ukraine

WorldRussiaUNGA voted to condemn Russia's annexation of Ukraine
The United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) on Wednesday overwhelmingly voted to denounce Russia’s annexation of Ukraine after Moscow vetoed the same effort in the Security Council.
The General Assembly has approved the resolution with 143 in favour and five against but 35 countries abstained including China, India, South Africa and Pakistan despite a major US diplomatic effort to seek clearer condemnation of Moscow.
The resolution “denounces the organization by the Russian Federation of so-called referendums within the internationally recognized borders of Ukraine” & “the attempted illegal annexation” announced last month of four regions by President Vladimir Putin.
It calls on all United Nations and international agencies not to recognize any changes, which were announced by Russia to borders & demands that Moscow “immediately as well as unconditionally reverse” its decisions.
Meanwhile, the ambassador of the US to the United Nations (UN), Linda Thomas-Greenfield, had urged all countries to send a message that the world “will not tolerate seizing a neighbour’s land by force.”
She said that, “Today it is Russia calling the invasion of Ukraine. But tomorrow it could be another country whose territory is violated. It could be you. You could be next. What would you expect from this chamber?”
The United States had put special energy into seeking to persuade South Africa and especially India, a growing US partner which has a historically close relationship with Russia and also abstained in the Security Council, where it holds a non-permanent seat.

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