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Ukraine’s Commander-in-Chief Sounds Alarm Over Russian Offensive: “We Lack Ammunition and Resources”

WorldRussiaUkraine's Commander-in-Chief Sounds Alarm Over Russian Offensive: "We Lack Ammunition and Resources"

Oleksandr Syrsky Urges Swift US Military Aid as Ukraine Faces Heavy Artillery Barrages and Aviation Attacks

In a candid interview published on Friday, Ukraine’s newly appointed commander-in-chief, Oleksandr Syrsky, painted a grim picture of the country’s current military situation. He highlighted the overwhelming firepower advantage wielded by Russian forces along the front lines.

Speaking to the Ukrinform news agency, Syrsky revealed that Russian forces are outgunning Ukrainian troops by a staggering six-to-one ratio, unleashing a torrent of ammunition that has resulted in significant losses of both manpower and territory for Ukraine.

“The defence forces are now performing tasks along the entire vast front line, with little or no weapons and ammunition,” Syrsky lamented, emphasizing the dire need for additional support to bolster Ukraine’s defence capabilities.

Syrsky’s remarks underscore the urgent plea from Ukrainian officials for the long-delayed $60-billion military aid package from the United States. Ukraine is banking on receiving air defence systems and crucial missiles to help offset the relentless barrage from Russian forces.

“We would be even more grateful if this aid came faster and in sufficient quantities,” Syrsky stressed, underscoring the critical importance of swift assistance to stem the tide of Russian aggression.

The commander-in-chief pointed to Russia’s escalated aviation activity, particularly the use of KABs (guided aerial bombs), which have been devastating Ukrainian positions with precision strikes. This heightened aerial assault has compounded the challenges faced by Ukrainian forces on the ground.

Despite recent gains made by Ukrainian troops in recapturing territory near the eastern city of Kharkiv in 2022, Russia’s relentless attacks continue to pose a formidable threat to Ukraine’s sovereignty. 

Syrsky cautioned against underestimating Russia’s intentions, particularly regarding Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second-largest city, warning that any attempt by Russia to retake the city would be met with severe consequences.

Syrsky acknowledged that Ukraine’s military offensive in the Kharkiv region last year was hampered by a lack of resources and ammunition, allowing Russian forces to entrench themselves in strategic positions. 

The recent loss of Avdiivka, a frontline city seized by Russia in February, serves as a sobering reminder of the challenges faced by Ukrainian forces in maintaining territorial integrity amidst relentless bombardment.

“The lack of ammunition for our artillery also played a negative role. This made it impossible to conduct an effective counter-battery fight,” Syrsky revealed, highlighting the critical need for adequate resources to sustain Ukraine’s defence efforts.

In the face of mounting pressure and dwindling resources, Syrsky emphasized the importance of strategic decision-making to safeguard Ukrainian lives, even if it meant strategic withdrawals to avoid encirclement.

As Ukraine braces for further escalation of hostilities, Syrsky’s candid assessment serves as a stark reminder of the urgent need for international support to bolster Ukraine’s defence capabilities and confront the looming threat posed by Russian aggression.


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