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Russia Claims Interception of 87 Ukrainian Drones in Overnight Assault

Governor Vasily Golubev of the Rostov region confirmed the drone attacks and noted that while there were no injuries reported, the attacks did result in power outages in several areas. "Our emergency services are working tirelessly to restore power and ensure the safety of our residents," Golubev stated

G7 Agrees to Use Frozen Russian Assets to Fund $50bn Aid for Ukraine

The Group of Seven (G7) nations have reached a landmark agreement to use frozen Russian assets to raise $50 billion (£39 billion) to support Ukraine's defense against invading Russian forces

Russia Sends U.S. Reporter Gershkovich’s Espionage Case to Trial

On Thursday, Russian prosecutors advanced his case to court, accusing him of spying for the CIA—a charge vehemently denied by both Gershkovich's employer and the U.S. government

Ukraine Launches First-Ever Drone Attack on North Ossetia, Minor Damage Reported

WorldRussiaUkraine Launches First-Ever Drone Attack on North Ossetia, Minor Damage Reported

Mozdok, North Ossetia — In an unprecedented escalation, Ukraine targeted the southern Russian region of North Ossetia with drones on Saturday, marking the first such attack on this territory.

The assault was aimed at a military airfield near the town of Mozdok, located more than 700 kilometers (430 miles) from the frontline, according to regional governor Sergei Menyailo.


“The attack was foiled by the Russian Defense Ministry’s air defense forces. Minor damage and fires were recorded. No one was injured,” Menyailo reported. He added that three drones were shot down during the incident.

Videos circulating on social media, purportedly from the region, showed drones flying overhead, and pictures displayed what appeared to be drone fragments scattered on the ground.

These visuals have yet to be independently verified, but they suggest the scale and reach of the attack.

In response to the incident, North Ossetia has heightened its security measures. “All services have been put on high alert. For the safety of citizens, we have decided to cancel all mass events in Mozdoksky district,” Menyailo announced.

This attack marks a significant development in the ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia, as Ukraine frequently targets military and energy facilities on Russian soil with drone strikes. However, attacks have typically been concentrated closer to the frontline.

The assault on North Ossetia, a region not previously targeted, underscores a new strategic reach in Ukraine’s military operations.


Although Ukraine did not immediately comment on the attack, the Ukrainska Pravda newspaper quoted Kyiv’s military intelligence as claiming responsibility.

This assertion, if confirmed, would align with Ukraine’s broader strategy of disrupting Russian military capabilities far from the contested zones.

The attack on the Mozdok military airfield is indicative of the evolving tactics employed by Ukrainian forces. By striking deep within Russian territory, Ukraine aims to stretch Russian defensive resources and disrupt logistical and operational capabilities.

Military analysts suggest that these tactics could be designed to weaken Russian morale and operational effectiveness by demonstrating that no region is entirely secure from attack.

The incident comes amidst ongoing tensions and continued hostilities in the broader conflict. The use of drones has been a critical component of Ukraine’s strategy, allowing for precision strikes at long ranges with reduced risk to personnel.

This latest attack may also reflect advancements in Ukraine’s drone technology and operational planning, enabling it to conduct such deep-penetration missions.


In the wake of the attack, North Ossetia’s authorities have urged residents to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activities.

The regional government is also working closely with federal defense and security agencies to bolster defenses and prevent further incidents.

The international community is closely monitoring these developments, with concerns about potential escalations and broader implications for regional stability.

The unprecedented nature of this attack highlights the ongoing volatility and the potential for new dimensions of warfare in the conflict between Ukraine and Russia.

As the situation continues to evolve, further responses from both Ukrainian and Russian authorities are anticipated, with the potential for increased military actions and diplomatic repercussions.

The attack on North Ossetia’s Mozdok military airfield serves as a stark reminder of the enduring and expanding nature of this conflict.


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