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SBU detains another intruder in Cherkasy for demanding share of financial aid from Ukrainian families

WorldRussiaSBU detains another intruder in Cherkasy for demanding share of financial aid from Ukrainian families

The security service of Ukraine detained an intruder in Cherkasy who demanded from the families of fallen Ukrainian soldiers a share of the financial aid they received from the state. It is to be noted that, the SBU in specific, has mentioned about a one-time payment of 15 million hryvnias after the death of a defender in the war.

In case of refusal, the racketeer threatened the victims with violence and physical violence, including against their children. The details about the above mentioned has been shared by the Security Service of Ukraine via their official social media handle.


The Security Service has recorded that the suspect in this way demanded almost 800,000 hryvnias from the mother and sister of a soldier who died in the spring of 2022 near Severodonetsk.

In order to beat the amount, the perpetrator regularly terrorized the family of the fallen soldier and threatened women with murder.

During the course of operational measures, SBU officers arrested the racketeer, while handing him part of the “tribute” in the amount of UAH 200,000.

According to the investigation, the detainee is a local resident who used his own connections among the residents of the region to obtain information about the relatives of the fallen Ukrainian defenders.

After learning that the affected families received state aid, the person involved called them from anonymous numbers and demanded “his percentage”.

During searches of his place of residence, mobile phones that he used in executing his plans were found. Two combat grenades were also seized from him.


Currently, the detainee has been notified of the suspicion under Part 4 of Art. 189 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (extortion that caused particularly large property damage, committed under martial law) and a preventive measure was chosen in the form of detention without bail.

The investigation is ongoing to establish all the circumstances of the crime and the exact number of victims. The perpetrator faces up to 12 years in prison.


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