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‘Russians living in West must be monitored’: Prez Pavel

WorldRussia'Russians living in West must be monitored': Prez Pavel

The Advisor to the Ukrainian Minister of Internal Affairs, Anton Gerashchenko on Friday has shared the video of the Czech Republic, Petr Pavel, saying that, “Russians living in the West must be monitored.” The following video has been shared by the Advisor to the Ukrainian Minister of Internal Affairs, Anton Gerashchenko via his official social media handle.

While taking it to his official social media handle, Advisor Gerashchenko added that, “Czech president: Russians living in the West must be “monitored”.”When there is a war, security measures for Russian citizens must be stricter than in normal times. This is the price of war,”  @prezidentpavel said.”


In the video, the Czech Republic President could be seen answering the question during the interview. In which, the interviewer could be seen asking that, “From the other side, how do you see the attitude towards the Russians who live in the Europe and say they do not support the Kremlin- do they need to extend visas, residence permits, should students have the right to study and in the general should they be able to build careers and develop business in the European Union?”

To which, President Pavel responded by adding that, “I believe that in several wars in the past, when warfare continues, security measures for Russian citizens should be more strict than under normal circumstances. All the Russians living in the Western nations should be more monitored compared to the past. Because they are the citizens of a country that is waging an aggressive war.”

He further added that, “I feel pity for these people, but on the other hand, when we look back in time, when World War II started, all Japanese who were living in the United States were under the strict surveillance. That’s just the cost of the war.”

Interviewer asked him, “When he say “Surveillance”, “monitoring”- what do you mean?” to which, President Pavel added that, “I mean under the surveillance of the special services.

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