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Russian TV personality Solovyov suggest Russia to invade UK next: Reports

WorldRussiaRussian TV personality Solovyov suggest Russia to invade UK next: Reports

Amid the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war crisis, Russian TV personality Vladimir Solovyov recently made a suggestion that Russia invades the United Kingdom next, saying he would like to see Moscow take Stonehenge.

As per reports, Solovyov, who is having good relations with the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin and who is known as “Putin’s voice”, said that Russia could call full-scale military operation against Britain and target UK Foreign Secretary Liz Truss.

While speaking on his Russia-1 program, Evening with Vladimir Solovyov, the anchorman claimed that Russia’s invasion could stretch as far as Stonehenge, the historic landmark in England that lies in Salisbury Plain in Wiltshire. 

When the Ukrainian political analyst Vasil Vakarov asked how far Russia would be willing to go before stopping, Solovyov replied: “Well, when we have to, we will.”

As per reports, Solovyov said, “Where will we stop? Well, as I was saying today, maybe Stonehenge. Liz Truss says she is the one fighting the war.” Moreover, Solovyov also reportedly claimed that the Kremlin leader should attack the Ukrainian capital Kyiv.

UK’s Foreign Secretary Liz Truss has been at odds with Russian media due to her unwillingness to compromise with Putin. Last month, Truss even said to G7 and NATO leaders at a meeting in Germany that the Kremlin leader was humiliating himself on the world stage.”

Meanwhile, this is not the first time Russian state TV has threatened Britain or Europe in general. Back in April, Solovyov threatened the UK with the possibility of nuclear annihilation via the Sarmat – a Russian ballistic missile. As per Newsweek, he said on his show, “One Sarmat means minus one Great Britain because they’ve gotten totally boorish.” 

Former Russian MP Yuri Shvytkin claimed that Moscow could wipe out “the whole of the UK in two minutes” with nuclear weapons. 


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