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Ukraine successfully thwarts Russian drone and Missile attacks, sustains no Injuries or Damage

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Russian parliament votes to allow Prez Putin to use army outside the nation

WorldRussiaRussian parliament votes to allow Prez Putin to use army outside the nation

On Tuesday, the Russian parliament’s upper house has voted to allow President Vladimir Putin to use the Russian troops outside the nation to support separatists in Ukraine.

Over 153 Russian senators have backed the decision, with no one voting against or sidestepping.


Despite Russia’s foreign ministry earlier said that they are not planning to deploy troops to eastern Ukraine “for now,” Putin asked the Federation Council to approve the army’s use outside the nation to back separatists who have been fighting the Ukrainian army since 2014.

Meanwhile, during a Federation Council session, Deputy Defence Minister Nikolay Pankov called at Putin’s request, said, “Negotiations have blocked. The Ukrainian leadership has chosen the path of violence & bloodshed.”

Pankov said, “They have not left us a choice,” addressing the chamber. He further alleged that “heavy armoured vehicles” were on the border of east Ukraine’s separatist-controlled regions known as the DNR and LNR.

Pankov added that NATO was “actively supporting Ukraine with upgraded weapons. Russia will act for the safety and protection of the sovereignty of other states in order to prevent an act of aggression.”

He added to Putin’s request, “In accordance with the treaty of friendship & cooperation with the DNR and LNR, I am submitting a proposal for the adoption by the Federation Council for the consent to use the armed forces of the Russian Federation outside Russia.”

Whereas on Monday, Putin has recognised Donetsk and Lugansk’s freedom and signed an agreement with them, opening the path for the presence of the Russian army in Ukraine’s rebel territories.


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