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American Ex-Combatant with Pro-Russian Separatists Killed in Donetsk

Margarita Simonyan, the prominent figurehead of the pro-Kremlin RT network, confirmed Bentley's death via social media, lamenting the loss of a fighter who she claimed had dedicated himself to the cause of the separatists

Russian Hypersonic Scientist Sentenced to Seven Years for State Treason

Kuranov was accused of collaborating with foreigners and sharing classified scientific knowledge. The closed trial, due to sensitive evidence, sparked criticism over transparency and due process, raising concerns about fair treatment

Russia to ‘reposition’ troops near Kyiv, not withdrawing: US

WorldRussiaRussia to 'reposition' troops near Kyiv, not withdrawing: US

Russia is in an attempt of “repositioning” a small number of its troops near Kyiv but is not withdrawing, and the Ukrainian capital remains under threat, the Pentagon said Tuesday.

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby says, “We are seeing a small number now that appears to be moving away from Kyiv, this on the same day that the Russians say they’re withdrawing.”


“But we are not ready to call this a retreat or even a withdrawal. We think that what they probably have in mind is a repositioning to prioritize elsewhere,” he said.

Kirby further added, “We all should be prepared to watch for a big offensive against other parts of Ukraine. It does not mean that the danger to Kyiv is over.”

As per the spokesman of the Pentagon, “Russia has failed in its objective of capturing Kyiv, but they can still inflict heavy brutality on the nation, including on Kyiv.”

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