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Russia shot leader of local army draft committee after refusing to fight during battle

WorldRussiaRussia shot leader of local army draft committee after refusing to fight during battle

A man in Russia has shot the leader of the local army draft committee in a Siberian town after telling him he would refuse to fight during the battle in Ukraine.

The incident took place in the city of Ust-Ilimsk, a town of around 85,000 people in the Irkutsk region in Siberia.

The video showed the gunman, dressed in camouflage, firing at the official from the point blank range as other potential draftees for the Russian invasion fled the room. As per reports, at least three shots were fired.

There are conflicting reports about whether the commandant, who also heads the local draft board, has died. Video has showed him being carried from the building and placed on to a stretcher. He was not moving in the video.

As per the statement released by Irkutsk regional governor, Igor Kobzev, that the draft office head was in hospital in a critical condition, and that the detained shooter “will absolutely be punished.”

As per a witness, the man shot the military commandant following he had a “clumsy” pep talk for the men to go and fight in Ukraine.

Meanwhile, one of the witnesses said that, the man said “Nobody is going to go anywhere” moments before opening fire.

It is the latest incident tied to Vladimir Putin’s announcement of a partial mobilisation that has resulted in hundreds of thousands of Russian men receiving their call-up papers.

A half-dozen draft centres have been torched in arson attacks in the last week, and police made hundreds of arrests across the country in order to disperse local protests sparked by the announcement.


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