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NATO affirms commitment to Ukraine despite shifts in member states’ positions

During a press briefing, Stoltenberg addressed concerns about NATO's stance on aid to Ukraine, stating, "NATO members provide modern missiles, air defence systems, modern battle tanks - these are all examples of significant modern assistance"

Russian forces advance in Marinka, posing autumn offensive threat in Donetsk oblast

Intelligence reports indicate that the invaders currently control most of the city, with only small pockets on the western outskirts remaining under the Ukrainian Armed Forces (VSU) control

White House budget director warns of depleting funds for Ukraine

The allocated $106 billion for Ukraine assistance, requested in October, remains in limbo within the Republican-controlled House of Representatives

Russia: Fire incident reports in Kostroma region, claims five lives

NewsRussia: Fire incident reports in Kostroma region, claims five lives

On Sunday, January 9, 2022, A fire incident was reported at a private house in the town of Sharya in Kostroma region of Russia on the Volga River, claiming the lives of five people. As per the investigation department of the Russian Investigate Committee, the fire contained five lives in which two were children.

According to part 3 of article 109 Russian Criminal Code, the criminal proceedings have been launched, which is applied for the deaths of two or more people due to negligence. Criminal code has further informed,” When the blaze has been put down, and debris cleared, a total of five bodies was found in the private house. In the dad bodies, two were identified as it was of children around the age of five and nine”.


As per some initial reports, fire has engulfed the entire house, and the report of the incident was given at 01:05 Moscow time. Further, a total of 32 firefighters were used to control the blaze and operate the rescue operation. In these firefighters, 13 pieces of hardware were also included.

Earlier on Wednesday, January 5, 2022, the FarEast region in Russia saw a massive fire incident in which one of the units of Gazprom GAZP. MM-owned Amur gas processing plant caught fire, which was put out.

However, the plant has informed that due to the fire blaze, there was no injury have discovered after another fire incident hit out the plant, the gas supply to the Amur Refinery, which was supplied the gas to China and was a vital part of the supply chain suspended in October.

The authorities of the plant further mentioned that The supply of the gas to China is going on, the volume is the same with the daily requests of the Chinese side.

It further said that there was no damage to the technological equipment of the Amur gas processing plant. Moreover, the integrity of the production and supply chain was not affected due to the incident.

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