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Russian Court Orders Seizure of Deutsche Bank and UniCredit Assets Amid Exit from Russia

Court documents dated May 16 reveal that the St. Petersburg court ordered the confiscation of assets amounting to 239 million euros ($260 million) from Deutsche Bank and 463 million euros ($504 million) from Italy's UniCredit

PM Roosevelt Skerrit welcome students of Bellevue Chopin Primary School

Roseau, Dominica: The students of Bellevue Chopin...

Ukrainian Drone Attacks on Russia Kill 2, Ignite Oil Refinery Blaze

This marks Kyiv's largest aerial assault in recent weeks and coincides with Russian advancements along the northeastern Ukrainian front line

Russia could attack other nations if Putin’s invasion of Ukraine successes, warns Stoltenberg

WorldRussiaRussia could attack other nations if Putin's invasion of Ukraine successes, warns Stoltenberg
NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg has released a warning that Russia could attack other nations if Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine is successful.
Stoltenberg, while referring to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, said that, “If Russia wins this war, Putin will have confirmation that violence works. Then other neighbouring nations may be next.”
The NATO Secretary-General has emphasized the significance of favouring Ukraine during a speech at a summer camp for the youth of the Norwegian Labour Party, held on the island of Utoya, near Oslo.
He asserted, “A world where Putin gets his way by using military force is also a more dangerous world for us.”
While describing the current state of the conflict as a “brutal and bloody war of attrition”, Ukraine is preparing for a counter-offensive in the south of the nation.
The NATO Secretary General also warned Norway of the increased threat posed by Russia to the Atlantic Alliance, given the war in Ukraine, near Norway’s eastern borders.
A former Norwegian Prime Minister (2000-2001, 2005-2013), Stoltenberg also chaired the Labour Youth League, the youth organization affiliated with the Norwegian Labour Party, and attended its summer camp in Utoya.
In 2011, Norwegian neo-Nazi mass killer Anders Behring Breivik carried out a massacre at the camp after putting off a car bomb in Oslo in a double terror attack that left 77 people dead.

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