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International Peace Summit on Ukraine Ends with “Zero Results,” says Kremlin

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov delivered a blunt assessment of the summit's outcomes, stating, "If we talk about the results of this meeting, then they come down to zero"

Ukrainian Shelling in Shebekino Leaves Five Dead and Several Wounded

Governor Gladkov reported that four bodies were recovered from the rubble of a partially collapsed apartment block in Shebekino, a town of approximately 40,000 residents located near the border with Ukraine's northeast Kharkiv region

Russian Journalist Killed in Drone Attack in Eastern Ukraine

Russian journalist Nikita Tsitsagi was killed in a drone attack by Ukrainian forces near the Saint-Nicolas monastery in Vugledar, eastern Ukraine, NEWS.ru announced Sunday. The area has been a hotspot of intense fighting for the past three months

Russia and China surpass trade target, achieving $218 Billion in bilateral trade ahead of schedule

WorldRussiaRussia and China surpass trade target, achieving $218 Billion in bilateral trade ahead of schedule

Moscow, Russia: In a testament to the strength and efficacy of the economic ties between Russia and China, Chinese President Xi Jinping announced the successful completion of the goal to elevate bilateral trade between the two nations to $200 billion.

This announcement came during high-level talks with Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin in Beijing.


Xi Jinping revealed that, contrary to expectations, the bilateral trade volume had already reached an impressive $218.28 billion by the end of 2023, surpassing the initial target set five years ago.

This accomplishment underscores the positive trajectory and robust dynamics characterizing the cooperative efforts between Russia and China.

“The goal set five years ago by President Putin and me to increase the volume of bilateral trade to $200 billion has been met ahead of schedule,” stated Xi Jinping.

He highlighted the achievement as a clear reflection of the positive momentum and collaboration between the two countries in various economic domains.

The successful surpassing of the trade target is a result of strategic planning and collaborative efforts by both Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping.

The ambitious goal was indicative of their commitment to fostering deeper economic cooperation and mutual benefit. The increased volume of bilateral trade indicates a broadening of economic engagement between Russia and China.


Both nations have actively sought to diversify their economic partnerships, exploring opportunities in sectors such as energy, technology, and infrastructure. This accomplishment serves as a tangible outcome of these collaborative endeavours.

The achievement is significant not only for the two nations directly involved but also in the context of global economic shifts.

Russia and China, as major global players, have demonstrated the resilience and adaptability of their economic partnership amid evolving geopolitical landscapes.

The positive outcome in bilateral trade underscores the broader strategic partnership between Russia and China.

Beyond economic ties, the two nations have consistently reinforced their cooperation in diplomatic and geopolitical spheres, contributing to the vision of a multipolar world.

As the achieved trade volume surpasses expectations, it injects optimism into the future prospects of collaboration between Russia and China.


The success story reinforces the notion that a solid economic foundation can serve as a stabilizing factor in the face of global uncertainties.

This development comes at a time when international economic dynamics are undergoing significant changes, making the accomplishment even more noteworthy.

Russia and China’s ability to not only meet but exceed their shared economic objectives ahead of schedule highlights the resilience and effectiveness of their strategic partnership.


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