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International Peace Summit on Ukraine Ends with “Zero Results,” says Kremlin

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov delivered a blunt assessment of the summit's outcomes, stating, "If we talk about the results of this meeting, then they come down to zero"

Ukrainian Shelling in Shebekino Leaves Five Dead and Several Wounded

Governor Gladkov reported that four bodies were recovered from the rubble of a partially collapsed apartment block in Shebekino, a town of approximately 40,000 residents located near the border with Ukraine's northeast Kharkiv region

Russian Journalist Killed in Drone Attack in Eastern Ukraine

Russian journalist Nikita Tsitsagi was killed in a drone attack by Ukrainian forces near the Saint-Nicolas monastery in Vugledar, eastern Ukraine, NEWS.ru announced Sunday. The area has been a hotspot of intense fighting for the past three months

Putin’s Interview with Tucker Carlson: Russia Asserts Its Interests in Ukraine Conflict

WorldRussiaPutin's Interview with Tucker Carlson: Russia Asserts Its Interests in Ukraine Conflict

In a candid and lengthy interview aired on February 8, Russian President Vladimir Putin addressed a myriad of topics concerning Russia’s stance in the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, its relations with Western nations, and the prospect of dialogue with the United States. 

Speaking to conservative talk show host Tucker Carlson in Moscow, Putin reaffirmed Russia’s commitment to defending its interests in Ukraine while dismissing any notion of expanding the conflict to neighbouring countries.


Putin’s first interview with an American journalist since before Russia’s invasion of Ukraine nearly two years ago provided insights into Moscow’s perspective on the situation. 

Emphasizing Russia’s readiness for dialogue, Putin asserted, “We are ready for this dialogue.” However, he made it clear that Russia would fight for its interests in Ukraine “to the end.”

Addressing concerns about potential Russian aggression towards NATO members, Putin stated unequivocally that Russia had no interest in expanding the conflict beyond Ukraine’s borders. 

When asked about the possibility of sending troops to Poland, a NATO ally, Putin responded, “Only in one case, if Poland attacks Russia.” He reiterated Russia’s lack of interest in Poland, Latvia, or any other neighbouring country.

The interview delved into Putin’s frustration with the stalled negotiations for peace in Ukraine. He lamented Ukraine’s reluctance to reach an agreement, accusing the country of backing away from deals when Russian troops withdrew from near Kyiv. 

Despite this setback, Putin expressed hope for a resolution, stating, “Well, now let them think how to reverse the situation.”


Regarding the detention of U.S. journalist Evan Gershkovich in Russia on spying charges, Putin suggested the possibility of reaching an agreement for his release. 

He revealed ongoing discussions between Russian and American special services and hinted at a potential prisoner swap, echoing past exchanges between the two countries.

Putin’s decision to grant an interview to Tucker Carlson, known for his conservative viewpoints and connections to former President Donald Trump, raised eyebrows. 

The Kremlin cited Carlson’s approach as differing from the perceived “one-sided” reporting on the Ukraine conflict by many Western news outlets. Putin’s choice to engage with Carlson underscores Russia’s desire to present its perspective to a wider audience.

The interview aired amidst ongoing debates in the U.S. Congress over providing additional aid to Ukraine’s war effort. While the Senate advanced a bill including $61 billion in new funds for Ukraine, the measure faces uncertainty in the House of Representatives, where some members have voiced opposition to further aid.

In the broader geopolitical context, Putin’s interview with Carlson signals Russia’s intent to assert its interests in the Ukraine conflict while exploring avenues for dialogue with the West. 


As tensions persist and negotiations continue, the international community remains vigilant, awaiting developments in this critical chapter of Eastern European affairs.


Vladimir Putin’s interview with Tucker Carlson offers a glimpse into Russia’s perspective on the Ukraine conflict and its relations with the West. 

As diplomatic efforts and debates over aid to Ukraine unfold, the world watches closely, recognizing the significance of dialogue in resolving one of the most pressing crises of our time.


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